What Are The Reliable And Worst Toilet Brands?

What are the worst toilet brands? When it comes to choosing which is the perfect toilet, people may concentrate more on design over functionality, particularly in the case of well-known. What you might not be aware of is that certain established brands aren’t the best toilet brands. When choosing a toilet, you should think beyond the aesthetics, if you want your toilet to endure for many years to be. Which brands should you stay clear of and which brands to select instead?

The toilet brands to steer clear of are American Standard, Kohler, Gerber, and Eljer. Although they are popular, the toilets face several problems that range from inadequate flushing to leaks and design problems. The best way to be sure that your new toilet can be considered worth the price is to verify the MaP test for the particular model you’re looking to buy.

Worst Toilet Brands to Stay Away From

Toilets, just like other things are not made equal. Some brands perform better than their advertisements, while others don’t. We’ve identified several toiletries that are categorized as “brands to avoid” due to their poor image in certain regions. You may be shocked to discover the fact that there are only two companies that have specific designs listed in this category.

1. Kohler

Another well-known and affordable company in Kohler. Kohler makes various traditional and contemporary toilets, the majority of which are reliable. However, there are two models that are not worth your time.

Cimarron Kohler

Cimarron is a toilet that comes from Kohler’s innovative Cimarron collection that is designed to reduce water consumption and help the environment. A brand new toilet’s flush piston as well as engine ensure an efficient flush while conserving water. The toilet’s sole claim that is true is that it consumes less water, at the very least, per flush.

KOHLER 5310-0 Cimarron Skirted trapway Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated Toilet, Left-Hand Trip Lever, 29 x 17.6 x 30.5, White
  • Two-piece toilet - toilet seat NOT included
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
  • Skirted Trapway simplifies cleaning
  • Comfort height feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults
  • 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf)

The flushing process is not affected by the engine and piston as the smaller volume isn’t strong enough to flush all waste. This means that you’ll need to flush the toilet several instances to wash it. This will use much more water than the standard type, which is not water-saving.

Kohler Memoirs

The retro style of Kohler’s Memoirs line is attractive to homeowners. The toilets are beautiful in design and can be used in rustic and traditional settings. The main drawback lies in the fact they’re less spacious than regular toilets.

Kohler K-3933-0 Memoirs Comfort Height Two-Piece Round Front Toilet with Stately Design, White - 567212
  • Round-front bowl offers an ideal solution for smaller baths and powder rooms
  • Comfort height feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults
  • Includes polished chrome left-hand trip lever, does not include seat and supply
  • Aquapiston canister allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides (360 degrees), increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush
  • Durable canister design has 90% less exposed seal material than a 3-inch flapper, for leak-free performance

This creates two problems The toilet is difficult to use and the tank and the toilet bowl have less capacity and resulting in a poor flushing system. When compared to other bathroom designs of the past the siphon design is very uncomfortable, which makes it harder to clean. It is recommended to avoid it for security.

2. Gerber

Gerber is one of the most trusted plumbing fixture makers. Toilets as well as faucets, sinks, tubs as well as a variety of kitchen and bathroom fixtures made by Gerber. But, while the majority of Gerber items are designed to last, a particular toilet model does not meet expectations.

Gerber Avalanche

Gerber GWS21812 Avalanche Two-Piece Elongated Toilet
  • 15.5" 16" Height Elongated Bowl
  • Colormatched metal side tank lever with solid durable brass arm to complement any bathroom decor
  • Large 2" fully glazed trapway for clogfree waste removal
  • ExtraLarge Dual fed siphon jets increases the force of the flush clearing the bowl effectively
  • 3" flush valve for maximum water flow and flushing power

The biggest issue with the toilet is its siphon design that prevents solid waste from going through. The toilet is often blocked because of this issue The plunger is not the only tool that is able to eliminate it. So, avoid this issue by changing the model or brand.

3. American Standard

Alongside Kohler, American Standard is one of the most well-known bathroom brands across the United States. American Standard’s great ads and marketing campaigns have earned their toilets a cult status. However, not everything that glitters is gold. While some models are more desirable than other models, one model particularly must not be used.

American Standard Champion

American Standard 2004314.020 Champion 4 Elongated One-Piece 1.6 GPF with Toilet Seat, Normal Height, White
  • Vitreous china
  • Elongated siphon action jetted bowl
  • EverClean - Permanently maintains cleanliness of the surface
  • Low-consumption (6.0 Lpf/1.6 gpf)
  • 4" (102 mm) non-adjustable, piston action Accelerator flush valve

Many homeowners are attracted by the American Standard Champion line due to its price tag and promise to flush everything. The company shows the toilet-draining golf balls in its commercial to show its promise.

As you’ve likely found out, even the worst toilets will be used to flush golf balls. But since toilet paper and body waste are a lot less easy to flush, it is possible that you could be shocked when your bathroom does not work well.

Another issue with Champion Champion is its design flaws that can cause issues with installation and leaks.

Certain American Standard Champion units have been found to have completed the MaP test which requires washing toilet paper with soybean paste. However, most models aren’t been tested, so in the event that you’re unwilling to risk it and risk it, we recommend staying clear of this model.

4. Eljer

Eljer was once considered to be among the top reliable bathroom brands available in the United States. Even though American Standard bought the company in 2008, Eljer toilets can still be found in the market, particularly in the low-cost category.

Eljer Diplomat and Eljer Titan

Eljer Diplomat

Titan, as well as Diplomat, are two distinct models that share the same issue of insufficient quality control. Two-piece toilets feature tanks that sit on the top of the bowl. However, the base of the porcelain isn’t always level, which results in gaps between the base and the tank.

The tank is likely to begin to leak sooner or later regardless of how much you tighten the screws. Therefore, you should stay clear of Eljer completely.

Most Reliable Top Toilet Brands

American Standard

American Standard

If you’re looking to choose one of the most effective flushing toilets this brand, with over 140 years of experience in its history makes it a top option.

It’s a consistently top-ranked toiletry brand, as evident by its status as one of the most reviewed and most frequently checked out brands across the globe.

The benefits of this brand are water efficiency, rare leaks, and clogging, as well as being cost-effective.



From old houses to more modern models, Kohler is a household name in the field of plumbing and bathroom products.

Apart from their stylish attractive designs, they are at the forefront of cutting-edge, intelligent features (self-cleaning tools, hands-free operation, etc.) as well as certified a water-saving toilet.

Their latest choices include innovative, wall-hung toilets and comfort-seat innovations to provide comfort for those who are taller.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay

If you’re interested in dual-flush toilets, this brand could be the best option. Apart from their wide selection of high-quality bathroom fixtures, the toilets also carry ecological certifications beginning with WaterSense technology.

In the past three years, it’s also been an extremely widely examined and reviewed brand of toilets, which is a testament to the toilet brand’s popularity.



The brand isn’t only prominently featured in bathtubs but also in all things bathroom related, including toilets.

While they have only a small toilet line, they’re already creating waves with regards to the efficiency and low maintenance nature. Their toilet height is ADA certified and water sense certified. They have been rated highly for their flushing capabilities.


Delta Logo (PRNewsFoto/Delta)

In the whole bathroom industry, there is a known to everyone. From different designs, styles, and price choices, you’ll find many bathroom options from this brand.

Delta can also be considered a leader when in the field of soft-closing, however, the most popular toilets so far are the ones with lights on the toilet seat for greater convenience and a modern bathroom experience.



Modern and extremely elegant styles, Eago is a toilet brand you can count on for durability and style. Eago is a relatively new toilet brand that was established in 2002.

One of their most popular selling features is their distinctive toilet options eco-friendly options, reasonable price points Soft closing seat WaterSense certification, and a complete warranty for the manufacturer.



The brand is known as a premium toilet brand due to the award-winning technologies known as Avalanche. This toilet comes with a robust flush that is suitable for floor mounts or wall-mount as well as two-piece toilets.

They also come with also the Power Clean flush with dual-fed siphon jets that provide superior cleaning power. They’ve been in use since 1932 and are adored by their ergonomic toilet designs.



It’s one of the more recent brands, having been founded in the year 2009. The company is located in California It is proud of its innovative toilets and a top-of-the-line kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Apart from their stylish design, they also offer stylish toilets, luxurious bidets, and full warranty protection.



The American brand might not be up to par with other American toiletries, but when it comes down to sustainability and environmental friendliness this is an excellent option. It has an exclusive EcoVantage system that reduces the amount of water used by 31 percent.

They also come with ADA certified as well as Juvenile Height system as well as Standard Height toilets. They also offer stainless steel and pressure-assisted toilets which are adored for their long-lasting quality. Zurn toilets are creating waves in hospitals and schools, fire protection facilities hotels, restaurants, and hotels.

Ove Decors

worst toilet brands

It’s not as well-known as the other brands, but its sleek and stylish design has made this one of the best-admired brand new toiletries on the market.

They have many toilets with four-setting bidets as well as heating seats and drying functions and water-saving options. Additionally, it comes with the power toilet flushes feature.

Perhaps, the only thing that this brand could elevate is its complicated setup.

Niagara Conservation

Niagara Conservation

This has to be among the most environmentally friendly toilet brands there. The most famous contribution they have made up to now is the Stealth toilet, designed to use water and air in cleaning and flushing while reducing the water use to 0.8 grams per flush.

It also comes with the quiet flushing system feature, a soft close to the toilet seat, and an affordable price.



This is a brother company to Kohler that has been operating since 1907. Of course with regards to the features, durability, and overall regularity, their toilets are a lot like Kohler toilets.

But, Sterling is more known for its elongated and rounded toilets as well as their lower price points.


worst toilet brands

If you’re looking for design and function, Saniflo is a top toilet manufacturer to think about. Saniflo has been in existence since 1957 and is famous for its SFA toilets.

They are the pioneers of upflush and macerating toilets that are ideal for commercial as well as residential environments. Their durability and their easy-to-install design make them an excellent toilet brand to consider.

Swiss Madison

Swiss Madison

In terms of accessibility and popularity This brand can’t be thought of as being on the same level as other brands on this list, however, in terms of durability with a high-end design and sophisticated toilet features, they quickly have gained a following from customers in the past five years.

They are frequently compared to Woodbridge because they share numerous similarities. The most well-known toilet model is that of St. Tropez.



Although TOTO toilets are priced at the price their products are made to last. The Japanese company was founded in 1917 and is now regarded as one of the most renowned toilet makers, with manufacturing sites across nine countries.

Their most original contribution to the field could be the Washlet which is the model for toilet bidets as well as cleaning brushes.

What To Look For In A Toilet

The purchase of a toilet may seem straightforward however there are some things to take into consideration before investing your hard-earned cash:

  • Rough-in If you are planning to replace your toilet with a new one the first thing you should check is the rough-in of the toilet. Check to see if it is in line with your old toilet’s rough-in otherwise, you might have to alter the location where the flange is located. Moving the toilet’s flange is costly and difficult.
  • Shape and size The majority of toilets are standard in size, however, round toilets are typically smaller than elongated ones.
  • Design Beyond aesthetic considerations You should decide between two-piece and one-piece toilets. Two-piece toilets are easier to maintain and you’re able to only change the tank in the event of need. In the event that the bathroom is only one piece and it fails it will need to be replaced the entire thing. One-piece toilets are simpler to clean.
  • Toilet options In all forms of toilets, those pressure-assisted are the most efficient. They are however more expensive than gravity-feed models. Dual flush toilets can be a good option to make a compromise between both types.

What Is The Most Reliable Toilet Brand?

After you’ve figured out which are the most harmful toilet brands to stay away from What brands should you concentrate on? Here’s a list of the most trusted alternatives:

  • Delta
  • Jacuzzi
  • Saniflo
  • Anzzi
  • Swiss Madison
  • Woodbridge

Popular Toilet Brands

Popular Toilet Brands

If you are conducting your search for these brands, they are difficult to ignore. They are also likely to purchase one of them if the specifications and price are in line with your expectations. They’re so well-known that you might have been aware of them, even in the event that it’s your first time purchasing toilets. This is why they’re not ranked in order of popularity.

  1. TOTO USA, Inc
  2. KOHLER Co.
  3. American Standard (A business unit of LIXIL Corporation)
  4. Mansfield Plumbing (A business unit of Organizacion CORONA)
  5. Duravit USA, Inc
  6. Gerbert North America
  7. Villeroy & Boch USA, Inc
  8. Laufen North America

Apart from TOTO and TOTO, which are Japanese The three other companies in the top 3 are American businesses or at the very minimum, were founded by Americans however they were later acquired by foreign corporations. Additionally, KOHLER remains 100 percent American-owned. The other four are European businesses with a solid presence in this market.

Each of the companies mentioned above has all of them have a long history of toilet manufacturing dating back as early to as long as a century. They have a clue about toilets with certainty. It all depends on your budget and your preferred toilet designs, expect to pay slightly on the higher end. However, you can bet on them to have security in terms of quality and support for service.

Does Brand Matter For Toilets?

The brand is among the most important things to look for when selecting the right toilet. The most well-known brands are among the toilet brands you should stay clear of because they aren’t expensive. They are therefore appealing to homeowners who are on a tight budget.

It’s true that spending more on toiletries is well worth it. It will save you money in the long run because you won’t need to repair it as often and you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits of a quality product. This guide hopefully gives you a better idea of which toilets to clear of and which brands merit paying attention to.

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Worst Toilet Brands FAQs

How many toilet brands are available?

The answer is practically endless as there are over 1000 toilet brands there. If you’d like to view the most up-to-date list of toilet manufacturers out there, you can find them here.
This list, however, is not a categorical list in terms of characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks. You must conduct the research yourself If you wish to make sure you are aware of certain toiletries.

What kind of toilet are plumbers recommend?

If you’re new in the field of toilet renovation it is essential to follow the advice of professional plumbers. With their knowledge and extensive experience in the industry, the brands of toilets they recommend can’t be doubted. In this regard here are a few of the brands of toilets that plumber-friendly:
1. American Standard
2. Kohler
3. Niagara
4. Saniflo
5. TOTO Eco UltraMax
6. Woodbridge

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