Toto Vs Kohler Toilets: Comparison And Reviews Of The Best

The toilet is among the most essential features of your bathroom. It’s a crucial installation that is often ignored when it’s functioning well, but you’ll be sure to be aware if you have a toilet that isn’t flushing well, is uncomfortable, or causes difficulty to keep the bathroom spotless.

Toto Vs Kohler Toilets is the most popular toilet brand offering an array of choices. When you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom or build an entirely new home, your toilet’s design is something you’ll need to consider. This is the Kohler and the Toto toilet review so that you can compare them.

Top Picks for Toto Toilet Models

As the biggest manufacturer of toilets worldwide, Toto has made itself an international name through its exceptional flushing technologies along with water-efficient toilets.


My Choice: TOTO UltraMax II

toto's toilets
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With the 1.28 GPF Tornado flush technology, this toilet features a sleek and modern style and offers outstanding performance with each flush. It comes with the latest CEFIONTECT surface finish and comes with the SoftClose toilet seat. It’s ADA certified as well as WaterSense certified, making it water-efficient and comfortable while at the same being water-efficient.


Toilet Type – One Piece Toilets

Shape -Elongated bowl

Material -Vitreous China

Water Usage – 1.28 gpf

Flush Type -Gravity Flush Toilets

Dimensions (in.) -‎L 28 3/8″ x W 16 1/2″ x H 28 3/4″

Color -Cotton White

Item Weight -99 Pounds

Installation Method -Floor Mounted

Value For Money: TOTO Drake 2

toto's toilets
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This high-efficiency toilet supplies users with a variety of options and functions for affordable prices. Equipped with a Dynamax Tornado Flushing mechanism as well as the 1.6/0.8 GPF dual flush, this toilet will never disappoint. With a one-year warranty as well as a CEFIONTECT surface, this toilet increases durability and helps with cleaning.


Toilet Type – Two-piece toilet

Shape -Elongated

Material -Vitreous China

Water Usage -‎1.28 Gallons per Flush

Dimensions (in.) -28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches

Flush Type -Gravity Flush Toilets

Color -Cotton White

Item Weight -‎90 pounds

Installation Method -Floor Mounted

Top Picks for Kohler Toilets

With its innovative and effective Kohler toilets that are computer-driven, this brand is extremely well-known in residential and commercial establishments.


My Choice: Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa

one piece toilet
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This amazing one-piece toilet features an elegant and contemporary design and features modern technology to meet your needs for toilets. Utilizing gravity’s power this toilet is equipped with the 1.28 GPF single flush, which makes it WaterSense certified and delivers 16500 gallons of water savings each year. It comes with Comfort Height as well as being small which makes it ideal for bathrooms with limited space. It has the Brevia Quiet-Close seat that prevents sudden closing of the toilet seat.


Toilet Type -One piece toilet

Shape -Elongated bowl

Material -Vitreous China

Water Usage -1.28 gallons per flush

Dimensions (in.) -‎27.75 x 18.75 x 28.19 inches

Flush Type -Gravity Flush Toilets

Color -‎White

Item Weight -‎1 pounds

Installation Method -Floor Mounted

Value for Money: Kohler K-3658-0 Highline

toto vs kohler
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For a reasonable price, the beautifully designed two-piece toilet has proven to be a hit with the public. With an elongated bowl and a 1.6 GPF single flush, the Kohler Highline is comfortable and efficient in the water. It also has the option of Comfort Height that makes it ADA compatible, and also promises longevity with a one-year guarantee.


Toilet Type – Two-piece toilet

Shape -‎Round

Material -Vitreous China

Water Usage -‎1.6 Gallons per a single flush

Dimensions (in.) -‎29.5 x 19.63 x 30.38 inches

Flush Type -‎Water Saving Toilets

Color -‎White

Item Weight -91 pounds

Installation Method -Floor Mounted

Flushing Systems

If you are thinking about selecting the right toilet brand or model, numerous questions pop into your mind. One of the primary things to think about is the efficacious flushing system. It appears that Toto as opposed to Kohler toilets provides the same high-quality toilet experience. However, when you look at them close look, you’ll discover that they have entirely different systems.

Kohler toilet- Big flush valve

The Kohler Class Five flushing system gives an efficient flush, even when working with large. This system makes use of a larger flush valve that directs all of the water into the bowl. This results in an increase in the amount of water that enters the toilet which results in strong hydraulics.

This large-scale flushing system lets you eliminate everything that falls into your toilet, without having to worry about the right goal or time of plunger. There are a variety of flushing options that Kohler provides, including:

  • One flush: The toilet uses around 1.28 gallons of water for each flush.
  • Dual flush: The dual flush can be set to either a light or heavy setting that gives you the alternative between using lots of water or using just a little.
  • A flush that does not touch-sensitive: is the most suitable option because it doesn’t require your hands to flush.

Toto toilet- flush more effectively and quiet

A variety of bathroom features that are equipped with Toto will demonstrate their effectiveness. Toto toilets are offered in regular toilet models, including the Toto UltraMax II with several flushing options.

It’s also simple to modify your selection to meet your needs in terms of budget, style, and other aspects. Additionally, the toilets of Toto flush more quietly and efficiently than Kohler’s.

Here are several flushing systems that Toto can provide:

  • G-max flushing system: These toilets are renowned for their fully sealed trap. They consume only 1.6 Gallons of water every flush due to the use of a 3-inch valve.
  • System for flushing E-max: For homeowners who are concerned about conservation the E-max flushing system consumes only 1.28 gallons for each flush.
  • Cyclone: The water-tight nozzle and tiny tank allow it to consume 0.8 to 1.6 gallons of water each flush.
  • Double Cyclone: The total volume of water is 1.28 gallons for each flush.
  • Tornado: The toilet is equipped with three jets that surround the perimeter of the toilet, making sure that waste is flushed away.


Regular maintenance is an essential factor to take into consideration when you are using your toilet. While you should do everything you can to take care of the fixture in a timely manner, any installation may fail or require repair. Think about the probability and the ease of fixing the toilet you choose.

Kohler toilets

Kohler is an American brand, which means parts replacement is generally simple to obtain and originates within the United States. Kohler usually requires regular maintenance since it’s a less expensive purchase. It’s cheaper at the beginning for the Kohler toilet, but you may need to call your plumber more frequently. Most Kohler toilets feature a life expectancy of well over 10 years, so you can purchase with confidence that you will not have to replace your new toilet every few years.


Toto can be described as a Japanese brand, and you might need to procure parts from a country outside. The complexity of the work could increase the time you are waiting. But, Toto is a premium toilet brand. Because you’ll be paying more for this toilet in the beginning, you’ll generally find you need less maintenance and less repair in the end.

Design Kohler and Toto toilets

In our modern world toilets are not just an essential component of our homes. It’s a valuable bathroom accessory as well as a nice spot to relax and unwind. It has transformed into more than simply a place to go whenever you need to go.

Today’s toilets have upgraded their game by incorporating new designs and technology which give them an edge over their competitors. Certain designs and patterns have been added and some choose to stick with the color palette that appeals to younger generations. In the realm of style, Kohler vs Toto toilets Which is the better choice?

Kohler – A classic design

Kohler toilets are famous for their timeless designs that are never going out of fashion. If you’re in search of an elegant toilet that will fit into any décor or color scheme, Kohler is typically one of the most popular choices.

The first thing you will notice when you look at the Kohler toilet is the traditional style. It’s a basic design and doesn’t have any frills. Typically the toilets come in almond, white and black colors. However, the company has colored models like highlights in rose gold or gold as well as oriental floral patterns.

Toto – Elegant and simple

Toto is undoubtedly the most fashionable, offering various simple and fashionable toilet designs. The Japanese popular toilet brands elongated design for the bowl models provides space to stretch your legs which is especially crucial for taller individuals.

It’s difficult to not love the unique features that come with every Toto toilet. The SanaGloss coating that covers Toto toilets protects them from staining as well as makes their cleaning simple. Other features embedded in the toilet are created to facilitate flushing also.


You’re looking for a toilet that is comfortable that is simple to maintain and clean. Each fixture promises sanitation and convenience while making cleaning easier.

The well-known Toto toilets as well as Kohler brands use the same vitreous China material making cleaning simple. Are Toto toilets superior to Kohler in cleaning ease? We’ll let you decide.

Kohler – CleanCoat technology

A beautiful and clean toilet makes a cheerful one and a happy toilet is one that is clean. Therefore, Kohler toilets come with CleanCoat technology that applies small amounts of nanoparticles on the toilet’s surface bowl to keep dirt and water from accumulating. This allows you to clean your toilet more simpler.

In reality, CleanCoat reduces the amount of work you’ll need to complete around the home by as much as 50 percent. In addition, Kohler doesn’t have loose flushes, as do other brands of toilets.

Toto – CEFIONTECT glaze coating

Toto toilets come with a distinctive design that is known as CEFIONTECT glazing. This coating is designed to keep anything from sticking and adhering to the surface of the bowl.

It is worth noting that the Toto model toilets are easy to clean. the dirt that forms such as molds and staining will not form even within the seat of the toilet. Additionally, it requires only one flush to experience the high-quality toilet this brand comes with.


Everyone needs toilets. They are the convenience of taking care of our business, and they keep our homes in good health however there’s more to be said about the cost of the toilet than what’s apparent.

There are three elements of the cost of a toilet which are the toilet its seat, the toilet, and the components needed to set it up. These items are available for purchase separately or in a kit. The most important you should do is to purchase the items you need to complete your bathroom and be sure that it is properly connected.

Kohler toilet

Kohler is somewhat less expensive than Toto. Kohler toilets are well-known for their durability and quality. If you’re considering the cost alone and are looking for a low-cost toilet and you’re looking for a low-cost option, then choose the American brand.

Toto toilet

Toto toilets are among the most well-known toilet brands across the globe. Those who want to pay little more than is necessary to have the most effective toilet need to choose Toto.

Certifications Toto vs Kohler toilets

Kohler, as well as Toto toilets, are both equipped with various certifications.

Toto toilets can be ADA compatible, and models meet WaterSense, California Proposition 65, Beyond Green, Declare, CalGreen, and Universal Height guidelines.

Kohler toilets have been certified by all of the above certificates in addition. These certifications guarantee these toilets are ecologically sustainable, suitable for people of all ages, and provide the water you need every year.

Toto and Kohler offer a one-year warranty with each purchase.

Advance Feature Comparison Toto vs Kohler toilets

Kohler toilets

  1. Quiet-Close Toilet Seat: Certain Kohler toilets have the Quiet-Close feature, which makes the lid of the toilet close with a gentle slam without any force.
  2. class five technology: Its flushing device from Kohler helps power flushing with the help of a three 1/4 inch flush valve and the trapway that is glazed.
  3. Comfort Height: The feature is more than 16 inches tall, which makes the toilet ADA accessible and suitable for everyone of all age groups.
  4. Quick Release: This feature allows the hinges on the back of the seat of the toilet are able to be taken off, allowing for convenient cleaning to be made.
toto vs kohler

Toto toilet brands

  1. SoftClose the lid and seat: Much like the Quiet-Close option by Kohler the SoftClose system from Toto stops the slamming of the toilet seat and makes closing the lid as well as the seat silent.
  2. Double Cyclone System: This flushing system from Toto causes the water to move into a 360-degree swirling motion after it is taken from the canisters and poured into the bathroom. This allows the bowl to rinse away the waste efficiently until there is there’s nothing left inside the bowl.
  3. SanaGloss/CEFIONTECT: This advanced layer of glaze is called SanaGloss and helps in preventing mold and bacteria from growing on the toilet’s surface.
  4. Universal Height: The feature is ADA accessible, simple to use for all, and provides the user’s comfort.
toto vs kohler

Final Toilet Decision

When you look at Kohler’s comparison with Toto toilets It is evident that Toto is the superior Japanese brand, however, Kohler is still a reputable and reliable brand. If you’re ready to invest in the top of the line and you want to choose Toto.

However, if you’re looking for an excellent toilet but are in a financial bind, I suggest Toto. Kohler brand. Toto is superior due to the fact that it comes with the most efficient flushing systems and requires minimal maintenance. It is also extremely quiet compared to other Kohler toilets.

Overall both toilets are fantastic because they are simple to clean and comfy and also comply with ADA specifications. I hope that this Toto compares to. Kohler toilets reviews article helped you.

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