7 Types Of Bidets The Best Guide 2022

What are the main types of bidets? First appearing in Europe and making its way to the west by the uproar in recent years and it is now becoming more popular in the west. use of bidets as a cleaner alternative to toilet paper is slowly increasing in popularity within the US market. A majority of Americans aren’t aware of bidets which are also known by the name washlets, also known as Japanese toilets. The most frequent misconception is that it is an additional toilet or washroom for feet.

Toilet paper does not do the job of being extremely clean. It’s not hygienic enough and can sometimes cause irritation to yours. It’s most commonly a problem for people who suffer from hemorrhoids. It can also affect those who’ve just undergone surgery or just having a baby and other irritations.

Bidet users claim that in comparison to the use of toilet paper it makes their backs feel cleaner, fresher, and healthier.

Then, here are the different kinds of bidets in a succinct manner that is: Integrated, Seat Attachments, Hand-Held, Stand Alone, and Portable. For fun and since it’s going to make sense this way, I’m going to go over the bidets by reverse order.

The Main Types Of Bidets

Stand Alone Bidets

Stand Alone Bidets

On the other side of the spectrum stands a stand-alone bidet. When I say “stand-alone” I’m referring to an appliance that is a completely independent, a separate appliance within the bathroom. It was the only kind available.

In any event, the design has all the necessary parts of a fully functioning bidet, however, it is not an actual toilet. It’s not meant to be used for eliminating the waste but is intended to clean yourself afterward.

They’re generally the most expensive alternatives and, obviously, they take up the largest area in bathrooms. The type is popular in Europe and a lot of houses in Japan are equipped with one, too. These are also common in some nations in South America. However, you’ll find very few of them in the US.

For reasons of cost or space or just the inertia of culture, it hasn’t been a hit. Other types of music are…

Bidet Attachments

Bidet Attachments

The most common bidet accessory that you could find in the American home is an attachment for the bidet. The bidet attachment is connected to the toilet bowl, which is situated beneath the seat, thus the name.

Apart from portables, they’re typically the cheapest generally speaking, but they’re also the least equipped with options.

It isn’t possible to alter the temperature of your bidet seat and there’s no warm-air dryer. They also don’t usually have a remote control, for instance, three of the options that can be found on bidets. They aren’t electrically powered.

LUXE Bidet NEO 320 - Hot and Cold Water, Self-Cleaning, Dual Nozzle, Non-Electric Bidet Attachment for Toilet Seat, Adjustable Water Pressure, Rear and Feminine Wash, Lever Control (Blue)
  • WARM WATER CLEANS BETTER – The NEO 320 features adjustable water temperature. The warm water offers both comfort and a better clean. Keep warm during the cold winter months or cool off when the weather heats up. Hot water is sourced from a sink connection.
  • DUAL WASH MODES – The rear wash sprays a stronger flow towards the rear. The feminine wash sprays a softer flow towards the front. The feminine wash also helps to keep you clean during monthly cycles and comes in handy for new or expecting mothers.
  • HYGIENIC PROTECTION – The guard gate is designed to shield the nozzles for your ultimate sanitary experience. The nozzles automatically retract behind the guard gate after each wash to ensure it is protected until your next use.
  • AN EASY HOME UPGRADE – Elevating your home with a luxurious element has never been easier. Includes ALL PARTS AND TOOLS to get your bidet up and running in minutes. Easily attaches to and detaches from any standard two-piece toilet.
  • 18-MONTH WARRANTY – Our world-class Customer Care team is always here to make sure you are 100% satisfied, so anytime you have problems or concerns about the products, we are just one call away. Register your bidet online and get an extended warranty.

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to have warm water. Certain bidet attachments, like those from the Neo 320 by Luxe Bidet or the FreshSpa model by Brondell come with another hookup to connect directly with the hot water source within your home.


Bidet Ceramic

The most common type of bidet you can find is the type you’ll likely come across while traveling within Europe or Asia because they’ve been in use for long periods of time. It’s known as a “stand-alone” bidet as it’s a completely separate device that is not connected to the toilet bowl in the bathroom. It’s usually placed next to each other. This kind of bidet may be installed on the wall, similar to a urinal, or placed on the floor as an ordinary toilet. It is also away from the bowl, where you conduct your business and you can only use it to wash your own bathroom afterward.

Stand-alone or ceramic bidets may still feature modern functions like the ability to alter the temperature of the water between cold and hot. In addition, since this type of toilet is less popular because of the rise of more contemporary designs, their costs have decreased significantly.

Although the cost might be less for ceramic bidets however they have disadvantages. They generally consume larger spaces and are not ideal for bathrooms with modern designs and homes with more modern layouts. They also require plumbing fixtures that are separate for them to function, and supply water. They can also be messy as they require you to transfer the toilet bowl to the bidet to wash. In case you have a larger bathroom ceramic bidets could add an element of elegance and sophistication to your house.

Portable Bidets (aka. Travel Bidets)

Portable Bidets

The term “portable bidet” has a peculiar sound. Who would want to carry tiny toilet bowls that spray water onto your private parts? But, it’s certainly not anything as simple as it.

What is referred to as a portable bidet is in fact tiny bottle that contains solutions or water, and an attached tube as well as a nozzle similar to that of the Brondell GS 70 for instance. This kind of bidet is often referred to as a backpacking or travel bidet.

In any event, it is able to work very well for the job although it is tied to one hand, at least during the initial phase. The only option for temperature is what you put in your bottle. It’s only possible to spray warm water if it’s readily available from a nearby faucet. They are available in two basic varieties: non-electric and electric.

The non-electric model has already been discussed – a handheld bottle filled with water and which comes with a nozzle. There’s a variant, however, that’s more simple: a bidet-nozzle device similar to that of the CuloClean as well as it’s the UYICOO for instance. The nozzle can be attached to any bottle made of plastic or by inserting it like the cork of a wine bottle.

The electronic model is usually an electric bidet seat that is powered by batteries, like for instance the TOTO HW300 for instance. They can be costly, however, they remove you from the need to use pressure on your hand. This can be crucial for those who are elderly or have recent surgery, for instance. Most of the time, these batteries are AAA or AA batteries, but certain models use batteries that are “watch” kind of disc batteries and can recharge using a USB connector.

For those who travel, have specific disabilities, or for those who want to “try-out” the bidet functionality without investing in a new (more costly) bidet model bidets are a great alternative.

Spray or Handheld Bidets (Shower Bidet)

Handheld Bidets

A middle option between a bidet-mounted bidet and an easy-to-use bidet is a handheld bidet, also known as a handheld bidet sprayer. In contrast to the portable bidet, you cannot take it with you wherever you travel. It’s essentially a hose that is connected to the plumbing of the toilet with a sprayer on the other side.

A spray-type faucet is an easy choice for the majority of people since it offers users greater flexibility when it comes to controlling flow. Additionally, it allows users to take greater control over the pressure of water. They are simple to use and are reasonably priced and you can put them in the system yourself too.

For people recovering from injuries or those with conditions that restrict their motion range Bidet sprays are the ideal choice. It is also suitable for the elderly as it provides them with more freedom in the bathroom.

Some of these designs include dual feeds, so you can select between hot or cold water. You can also connect the warm water source in your home after it has been installed to provide an even more relaxing experience.

Toilet Seat Bidet or Built-in Bidet (Bidet Toilet Combos)

Built-in Bidet

If you’re given the choice to choose, why don’t you opt for a toilet with an integrated bidet rather than having to go through the trouble of selecting each separately? Also called toilet bidet combo, this type of toilet is a combination of a toilet and a bidet that is integrated as one piece of equipment. It’s basically an existing toilet seat that has strategically placed spray jets that are angled to assist you in getting yourself clean.

Modern design and contemporary design offer more performance and come with many features that aren’t found in other bidets. A few of these features include heated bidet seats or the toilet rim, controlled temperature and pressure, as well as warm air dryers, just to mention some. In certain Asian countries, there are other models that also have a music feature that is added. This is if you ever need an improved and more relaxing “ambiance” when you’re doing your business on the toilet.

It’s no surprise that Built-in Bidets can be more costly due to the many options that they offer. The need for electricity to enable the models to function may be a problem for some customers.

Electric Bidets

Electric Bidets

Aside from that, the electric bidet is a different possibility for those looking to join the trend. This type of bidet requires only the installation of a simple process that people are able to figure out by themselves. The great feature of an electrical bidet is that it can connect to the toilet and has a range of custom features. It may be equipped with an insulated bidet toilet seat, deodorizer, or evening lighting to help you get ready for your 3 am bathroom visits.

Electric bidets can be more costly than other attachments, however, they can be the ideal option for the ideal person. They are available in a range of materials too which include rubber, plastic, metal as well as stainless steel.

By the Way, What Is a Bidet?

What is a bidet exactly? A bidet is an easy method to wash your bathroom after using the bathroom. It’s a plumbing fixture that lets you clean your delicate areas after you’ve used the toilet bidet using water. It utilizes the spray of water to eliminate any excess fecal matter and other residues which may be left on the hiney.

Why is it favored by other people, particularly those from Europe or Asia in preference to toilet paper? The reason is easy. The reason is that washing with water is much more gentle (and thus, more relaxing) than scratching dry paper across your body’s thigh.

types of bidets

“Don’t ignore the butt of your partner,” says Carrie Yang of Tushy Bidet, a modern and cost-effective bidet attachment that can be installed in less than just 10 seconds.

“If you were a bird that has pooped on you, then the first thing you’d do is wipe it off with a tissue. You’d use soap and water. Why would you treat your butt in a different way?” – the woman continues.

What she has to say makes sense, if be aware of it.

So, Is It Better to Use a Bidet?

A lot has been said about the benefits of using the bidet. One of the most important benefits is that it drastically minimizes the impact your actions have on the planet. Because it is made of trees, using a bidet will reduce the use of toilet paper which means fewer trees are harmed. Also, If you’re not buying regular toilet paper, you’ll save dollars in the long run. In the end, the amount of waste you produce in your home is decreased too, as are possible blockage problems.

Bidets have a primary function to encourage cleanliness, as water is by far the most effective method of cleaning everything. The majority of us use it to wash our bodies whenever we take baths and it makes sense to use it to clean our tush. It’s the bottom line it gives a more gentle and more relaxing experience for cleansing and improves overall hygiene for your personal.

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I hope this guide has done well in dispelling some of the common questions about bidets. Many people don’t realize the number of options available when it comes to buying bidets. Perhaps one of these choices is more suitable for an unsure American who is trying to decide if they’d like to play with these gadgets.

The best way to proceed in deciding when choosing a product is to take into consideration quality, price, and space available in the bathroom. A majority of users in the United States will go with the bidet attachment or handheld bidet sprayer that can be easily placed onto the bathroom toilet bidet seat. It’s the least invasive and affordable option for people who are sifting through the murky waters of bidets.


Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

Bidets do not splash poop all over your body after it comes time to use these. Bidets use a concentrated stream of water specifically targeted to clean your backside and genitals. The waste is not scattered all over. Consider it an easy, spotless scrub for your butt.

Do you wipe before using a bidet?

Do you wipe before using a bidet?
If you are the first to use the bidet, clean off with paper before you attempt the spray for your bidet. There is no need to use soap to use the bidet. A few people use the bidet to provide an in-between shower after a bowel movement, sexual interaction, or to freshen up however it’s not an absolute requirement.

Do you use a bidet after peeing?

What exactly is a bidet? The bidet (pronounced bih-DAY) is a type of plumbing fixture that is designed to wash your rear. It will go to work when you vomit or experience a bowel motion and eliminates the necessity of bathroom paper. Some bidets are attached to the toilet, or are attached to the side of the bowl, or using a hose that can be detachable.

Is a bidet more sanitary than wiping?

Using a bidet instead of the paper provides a thorough cleansing that wiping alone cannot. Water is more sanitary than paper because it gently cleans the area instead of just rubbing it with toilet paper.

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