10 The Best Portable Camping Bathroom Toilet Reviews 2022

What is the best camping bathroom toilet? What are the most effective methods to “go” in the field? Make use of your portable camping toilet! If you’re a frequent camping tent, RVer van liver, or overlander or simply spend many hours traveling outdoors, a compact portable toilet is essential.

When you’re out in the open it’s good to have a few items that bring you back to your home, like a cozy location to conduct your business. In addition, with the number of bathroom facilities in campgrounds that aren’t clean It’s good to have an alternative for both security and convenience.

However, when you’re in the market for portable toilets to use while camping, there’s a plethora of choices. Toilets that are dry, buckets composting toilets, self-contained porta-potties, and the list of options go on.

So, which are the most effective camping toilet for your family and you? But don’t worry, you’ll discover it on this list.

Let’s take a quick look at:

  • The reasons portable toilets are so important?
  • Learn the basics about the various kinds of camping toilets.
  • Check out 10 of the top portable toilets that can be used in a variety of scenarios and purposes.

Let’s get started!

Why Use Porta Potty Toilets While Camping?

Why Use Porta Potty Toilets While Camping?

What’s the reason you’ll need portable camp toilets? They are useful in many different scenarios.

If you’re camping in an area that requires you to dispose of all your garbage: Some areas require that you take away all of your trash. That’s correct… all of it. In this case, it’s a good idea to have the option of a portable toilet for camping will make dumping your trash much simpler.

as a lower-cost alternative to other vans, RVs, and camper toilets. Camping toilets can be very expensive. Spend more than $1,000 on an ad-hoc toilet for your RV, and you’ll feel as if you’re flushing your money down the toilet. A portable toilet that is less costly to use while camping could help you accomplish your “business” completed at a lower cost.

Easy for disposing of garbage If you’re planning on staying in your RV for the same location for longer than a couple of days with no sewage hook-up, you’ll need to remove the waste tank from your RV. You can drive the vehicle to the dumping station or use honey wagons. Many prefer using portable toilets. If it’s empty it’s simpler to grab the tiny waste tank and go towards the restroom or the dumping station.

If you are unable to accept the idea of bathroom facilities on campgrounds or sitting in the woods squatting: Some of us have difficulties, can be we saying… “relaxing” at a bathhouse that is crowded at a campground or sitting on an unfinished hole inside the woodland. The convenience of having your own portable toilet allows you to have some extra comfort and allows you to do whatever you’re required to do.

For an emergency toilet in your home If you are unable to get power or water for a couple of days. Where will you “go” in the event that you are unable to flush the toilet you normally use? But if you’ve got an emergency camping toilet you’ll have the option to eliminate your waste.

4 Best Portable Toilets Fast Picks

10 Best Portable Camping Toilets Reviews

1. Reliance Luggable Loo

Luggable Loo

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The lovable Luggable Loo. Let it be known that it…you like the name. The Luggable Loo is true “luggable”. It’s light, comes with an easy-to-carry handle (as the seat is not placed on top), and is an easy way to manage the business. If you’re a minimalist camping enthusiast it’s a great option.

Get it from anyone who’s ever utilized portable toilets for camping that are bucket-style… use bags. If you’re on a budget, make use of a garbage bag that is heavy-duty. As we mentioned in the previous article, you can add cat litter or sawdust to absorb liquids. It will lessen the smell and make it easy to get rid of.

For peace of mind, you can go to Reliance the brand Doodie double Doodie garbage bags. (Man! Whoever’s coming up with names for their products is truly hitting home runs.) The bags come with an inner bag that collects waste, as well as an outside bag that is puncture-proof and leak-proof (2 very important terms in the context of bags for waste). In addition, the bag contains bio gel that cuts off odors and hardens the waste.

  • Simple design is simple to utilize
  • Compatible with all common garbage bags
  • The lid is able to fit in most 5-gallon buckets
  • Cheap
  • When you’re done with each day the bucket and toilet seat

2. Thetford Porta Potti Curve

Thetford Portable Potti Curve

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If you’re looking for an accessible camping toilet that’s more than bags and buckets Thetford Portable Potti Curve is the top option. It’s the Luggable Loo’s elegant and stylish model with its elegant design and useful features.

It comes with a comfortable seating area and height of the seat so that it’s almost as if you’re not using the toilet you normally use. Its 5.5-gallon disposal tank in tank is bigger than the majority, so you don’t need to travel as often to the washroom or the dump station. Keep in mind that it’ll become a bit heavy when it’s full.

The portable toilet does have an electric motor powered by batteries to aid in cleaning the toilet, if you do not make use of it the toilet, you’ll have the ability to save fresh water and wait longer between emptying your holding tank.

If you’re living in a van or using it in a smaller RV, you’ll be impressed by how the seal is tight, creating an odorless and leak-proof design that prevents bad odors from getting in the right place. Additionally, it has an installation kit to ensure that it will remain in place while out and about. Trust me…you do not want a half-full toilet in the back of your camper.

  • Easy to use
  • Extra large 5.5-gallon capacity
  • Practical features include level indicators, toilet paper roll holders
  • It can become too heavy and heavy to carry once it’s full.
  • There have been reports of the electric pump failing.

3. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Camco 41541

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A budget-friendly model from a well-known brand, this Camco 41541 includes a 5.3-gallon holding tank as well as the 2.5-gallon flush tank.

The valve slides open when you’ve finished your work to stop leaks and also to stop any odors. Latches securely secure the tank to the seat of the toilet.

The portable toilet is one of the top toilets for camping due to its lightweight design, comfortable 13-inch toilet seat, as well as overall toughness.

  • Minimal flushing is required
  • Absolutely no odor
  • Large tank for holding
  • Handles built-in for portability
  • The comfortable seat
  • Could “burp,” or release gas buildup when flushed
  • Too small for adults of larger sizes

4. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Toilet System

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Toilet System

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If you’re looking for a portable toilet for camping that offers you privacy and the convenience of a bathroom for a shower, this Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Toilet System is a good choice. Technically, you can buy every single item on their own (privacy tent, folding toilet, and waste kits, as well as carrying bags) however it’s great that you have an all-in-one portable toilet system that functions and can be packed together. It’s simple to carry and keep in storage.

If you’re in a busy space, like an outdoor multi-day festival and the toilets in the campground that is rustic may be a bit shabby the portable toilet is an ideal alternative. Even if there’s no require your portable bathroom, it could nevertheless use the tent to get the privacy of bathing or changing.

Like the Luggable Loo, it is possible to use regular garbage bags or buy these go-anywhere toilet bags which are more durable and include the Pooh-Powder.

A word of warning! If it’s dark and you’re bringing your candle inside the privacy tent any person who is outside the tent will be able to see your silhouette. It’s something you’d probably not consider until you get out to find your children laughing, and your partner smiling with a silly smile on their faces.

Three of the most portable toilets for camping that can allow you to move almost anywhere. However, they’re not the only options.

Here are some more of the most effective portable toilets that will work based on your requirements and the circumstances. One of them might be your top choice number two.

  • Includes a toilet that folds and tent, carry case, and waste kit
  • Easy to transport everything
  • Privacy tents can be used as a changing room
  • It can be expensive because there are more affordable options for privacy tents if purchased in a separate purchase

5. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Toilet

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From the same people who provided the first baggies for wags, now includes The Go Anywhere Toilet Portable.

Cleanwaste is known for its premium “leave without a footprint” outdoor toilet products. And this portable camping toilet designed for camping is no different.

It’s very light and folds flat for simple transport. As opposed to the other camping toilets that are on this list, this one is still bags instead of the traditional holding tank.

  • Extremely light
  • It folds down into a briefcase size to be used for transport
  • Legs help you lift yourself above your ground (so it doesn’t need to sit down)
  • Comfortable toilet seat
  • The kit comes with a convenient Cleanwaste bag kit
  • Not as comfy as other models.
  • Cleanwaste bags get expensive (use your own)

6. Stansport Portable Camp Toilet

Stansport Portable Toilet

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If you are looking for a simple portable toilet, but need something more than an ordinary bucket with a lid, this Stansport Portable Toilet is the right choice for you.

It has a slightly bigger plus a more comfortable seat for toilets than other bucket toilets as well as a larger capacity for weight. The majority of regular bucket toilets weigh between 200 and 250 pounds. If you’re heavier than that, the seats can seem a bit fragile. But this camp toilet feels more similar to a normal toilet seat.

In addition, it comes with useful features that you can’t find on the typical bucket. The handles on the sides allow it to be carried more easily as well as a storage area where you can store unused trash bags or toilet tissue in one place.

If you’re looking for an outdoor toilet suitable for camping, that you will only need to empty once every couple of days, this may not be the right choice for you. The waste container isn’t huge at all and can probably be used for 3 or 4 usages. If you’re already accustomed to flushing you’re to flush every time you use it and you don’t have a problem, this shouldn’t be any issue for you.

Stansport also offers toilet bags that are compatible with this model, in addition to the security shelter.

  • A better seat than bucket toilets
  • A place to carry toilet paper or other waste bags
  • Weight limit of 350 pounds
  • Small waste bin, great for two or three usages
  • The lid does not lock down

7. PLAYBERG Portable Travel Toilet for Camping and Hiking


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A portable bucket toilet that has a standard-sized seat. This is a great combination of convenience and elegance.

It’s akin to the previous portable toilet, in that it comes with an empty waste container that can be removed and a lid and toilet seat that is two-part. The waste bin is slightly bigger than the Stansport however don’t anticipate it to last for several days without needing to empty it.

  • The normal size toilet seat will make you feel at home
  • Toilet paper holder built-in
  • Weight limit of 300 pounds
  • Don’t purchase it solely because of the carry bag. The toilet barely can fit in it, and it’s almost like it’s going to tear the seams.

8. Palm Springs Outdoor Toilet

Palm Springs

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Anyone looking for one of the most comfortable camping toilets to use with tents, RVs and boats must seriously think about using the Palm Springs Outdoor Toilet.

An entirely self-contained portable toilet that has a large lid and a high-end design for the best in convenience.

The model also has the same flush as a typical toilet due to the 3-gallon flush tank, as well as the holding tank, being 5 gals. The whole toilet is constructed into one piece of solid material to ensure that there is no leakage.

  • Construction in one piece
  • Made from high-density polyethylene
  • Large tank for holding
  • Flushes like a residential toilet
  • A comfortable, large-sized seat
  • Rinses in a poor manner (requires lots of flushing water)
  • The pump exerts a significant downward force

9. SereneLife Portable Toilet

SereneLife Portable Toilet

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This SereneLife Portable Toilet is a sturdy simple, basic mobile camping toilet. It has a two-part design, similar to the earlier two portable toilets.

The top features an area for a seat and fresh water tank and a pump flush system that works very well. The bottom features a holding tank, which has a sealing waste valve that keeps all the things (#1 2, and smells) exactly where it is supposed to be.

If it’s time for you to empty the trash container then simply pull the clips off then transfer it to the closest toilet or dump station, then swing open the pour spout in orange to pour the waste out.

  • Just about $100 (at the date of writing)
  • 50+ pumps flushed from the tank that cleans water.
  • 5.3-gallon trash tank
  • Double seal valve for the drain to prevent unpleasant odors from escaping.
  • It takes some time to master how to eliminate the tank of waste
  • The seat isn’t too big

10. Dometic Portable Camping Toilet

Dometic Portable Toilet

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The portable toilet is like that of the Camco model. Two distinct features that distinguish it from the Camco model include the flush button that is one-touch and the indicator for level.

Make use of the pump to pressurize the freshwater tank in the upper part. When you are ready to flush, simply push the button on the front of the tank and it utilizes the pressure of water to flush like a portable camping toilet equipped with the use of an electrical pump.

  • Unique flush system
  • Level indicator
  • 2.3-gallon Fresh water tank
  • The seat is bigger than Camco one

Types of Portable Camping Toilets

There is a myriad of kinds of camping porta potties and toilets. The names such as camping porta potty or cassette toilets, a flush toilet, or a camping toilet may occasionally be interchangeable, even though there may be some slight variations between them.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to break them down into three basic categories

  • Portable Bucket Toilets
  • Flush, Cassette Toilet, Dry, and Composting Toilets
  • Folding Seat Toilets

Portable Bucket Toilets

The bucket toilet is the simplest type of camping toilet that is portable. They are basically the standard 5-gallon bucket, with a lid and seat that can be placed on top. One drawback to the standard 5-gallon bucket can be that the seats aren’t big enough. They are only larger than the width of the bucket which is quite a little smaller than the normal toilets.

Other models have a specifically shaped bucket and seat that give you more room for handling “business”. Some come with custom-made bags, making it simpler to take your garbage. However, most of them can be used with standard garbage bags. (Just ensure that they’re high-quality bags!)

TIP! Use sawdust or cat litter inside the bag in order to help take up liquids and reduce scents.

Flush, Cassette, Dry, and Composting Toilets

Flush, Cassette, Dry, and Composting Toilets

These kinds of camp toilets are a step forward from bucket toilets. They typically include several compartments or tanks that take in the waste. Additionally, the majority of them are made to close the entrance to the tank for waste between uses to minimize unpleasant smells.

Some have a separate freshwater tank. This allows you to flush the bowl top with water, which helps keep it free of dirt. Based on the style, some rely on a special type of powder or bio gel to bind the waste to make it easy to throw away in regular garbage.

A portable toilet for camping is an excellent option when you’re planning on storage in a camper van RV or travel trailer.

A composting toilet is distinct in the sense that it separates water from solids. The liquids are simpler to get rid of, while the solids end up mixed with other organic material (like sawdust peat moss, or something similar to that).

A composting toilet will help you reduce how much solid waste you need to dispose of. With certain composting toilets, you could have a period of time between emptying the waste bin.

Note! Cassette toilets could also be a reference to the kinds of toilets that are installed permanently in certain RVs and travel trailers. In this post, I’m not talking about these, as they’re not truly portable. These are very nice cassette toilets for those who want to look into this possibility!

Folding Seat Toilet

They’re another kind of toilet for camping. They’re a bit like the bucket toilet however with no bucket. It’s really just a seat and a bag for collecting the waste.

Toilets for camping that fold are a great option in case you’re limited in space or you only use them once during a blue moon. They can be folded up to size the size of a briefcase. When you’re ready to leave you can simply open the legs, and add bags and you’ll have the space to relax.

If you’re on the larger side, you should examine your weight-bearing ratings. The most important thing you don’t want is for one of your legs to break as you sit on it and you fall in …(I’ll allow you to do this on your own).

After you’ve gotten an overview of portable toilets for camping below are the top options for how to “take control of your business” when you’re on the go!

8 Portable Camper Potty Benefits

What kind of situation could you be in that the portable toilet to use while camping is the best option?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways portable potties can be beneficial:

1. Low Budget

There are a lot of options here that are extremely affordable when compared to purchasing a standard toilet for your vehicle or camping requirements.

2. Simplicity

If you don’t wish to own toilets that eventually require repairs or maintenance such as the bucket-style toilet could take away (no joke intended) this tension.

3. Backup Toilet

When you’ve found it, you’ve got it. If your bathroom at home gets blocked or water is shut off the portable toilet in your camper can still be used!

You can carry it with you wherever you go and keep it to use in case other toilets are out of service.

4. Camping In Areas Where Leaving Excrement Is Unlawful

There are some places where it’s illegal to create catholes for people to poop.

This is to safeguard the soil and water sources from pollution.

In the event that you do not have other toilets then your RV portable toilet can be a lifesaver.

You can comfortably camp in the area and be an upright citizen.

5. Potty Training Your Toddler

A few of the porta potties used for camping toilets could easily double as a pot to allow your child how to use them!

Some of these toilets are considerably shorter than traditional toilets.

There you have it. There are many reasons to get one!

6. Avoiding RV Dump Lines

It is possible to be able to camp in a highly well-known campground, but without hookups.

You’re in town for three weeks.

If you don’t want to use your toilet in the camper and aren’t keen on using the toilets in the campground (or you don’t have any) then you can make use of the toilet in your RV.

It’s easy to walk from the station to the dump and then walk back.

There’s no need to tear up camp or drive your entire motorhome or trailer.

7. Public Restrooms Gross You Out

You could be one of them. That’s fine.

Toilets at campgrounds can be disgusting and filthy. Instead of having to endure this, purchase one of these toilets you need to and then head straight for “home.’

8. Family Outings

It could be that you are having an event for your birthday in a park, at the beach (which will require an outdoor tent), or even on the river.

Are there no toilets? It’s only if you don’t bring your own.

Some of them fold down and can fit in the tiniest spaces, which means you can take them with you anywhere!

What About Pet Waste?

Your pet poop along the edge of the road or in on the sidewalk in the middle.

Then why put it in the middle of the trails or inside the campsite?

In the event that you’re going camping or walking with your pet, it’s crucial to observe the appropriate trail behavior for dogs.

You should not only adhere to all local laws (including choosing an area for hiking that is dog-friendly and adhering to leash laws) However, you must take care to clean up and throw out your pet’s trash.

This is an example I see often:

A dog owner who is well-meaning picks the poop of their pet in the doggy bag. The problem is that they don’t want to take their dog’s bag throughout the remainder of their walk. They leave it at the trailhead, with the intention to retrieve it when they return.

It is likely that the dog’s owner will forget the location of the bag, or simply forget to put it all while they walk out.

If you’re out hiking with your pet You don’t just have to scoop up their waste, but you also must also dispose of it the same way as you do yourself.

I follow similar methods to my pack-out method for humans. I scoop the dog’s waste with a standard doggy bag and put it in a sturdy Ziploc freeze bag in order to eliminate the smell and avoid spills.

An alternative is to place a poop bin in your pet’s excrement. The same way you would bury your own waste, burying the poop in a pit that’s at six inches deep, as well as at least 200 feet from any water or trail sources.

Camping Bathroom Toilet Final Thoughts

What’s your best option for peeing and peeing in the woods in a bathroom with no designated toilet?

Do you want to look elegant with a camping portable toilet? Do you own an RV/camper that has an inside bathroom? Do you prefer to do it in the traditional way using digging-a-holes or the pack-out method?

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have regarding portable camping toilets or toilets during your camping trip!

Happy camping with these best camping toilets!


How do you go to the bathroom while camping?

Try wiping using leaves, or with other nature-based materials (as long they’re not toxic). Use the toilet paper leaves, leaves, or whatever you’re using to clean into the hole you’ve dug, or more often than not put the toilet paper into the human waste bag and then take it away.

What are camp bathrooms called?

Every campsite has the camp toilet (we call it the Tentrrr Loo). It is a basic wooden box that has the toilet as well as a bucket in the.

Where do you empty a camping toilet?

In connection to your toilet at camp, there are tiny windows on the exterior of the motorhome that houses the tank for waste. A lot of tanks come with a mini-trolley, or wheels for transportation to the area where you can dispose of them.

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