Kohler Highline Curve Comfort Toilet Review

Kohler Highline Curve is a great deal if you looking for a new toilet. Kohler is an established manufacturer of fixtures for bathrooms. They provide mid-range to premium products at a reasonable price regardless of the fact that there are cheaper options that are available. The Highline is among their top toilet models. It is with a range of sizes and rough-in options to meet the preferences of different customers.

Overall, the Highline is a decent toilet, but it’s expensive for the features you receive. It’s only available as two pieces and gaskets will need to be replaced eventually and there are plenty of places to allow grime, dirt, and other nastiness to build up. The trap-ways are clearly visible and provide even more spots to collect contaminants and grime.

kohler toilet render

The design of the Kohler toilet is pleasing however it isn’t standing from the crowd in any sense. It’s clean and simple but does not do anything slick to distinguish itself from the various other toilets on the market.

One thing that sets one thing that sets the Highline apart is the flush. It uses a low amount of water usage. However, due to the five-flush design, it does an outstanding job of removing waste as well as keeping the bowl spotless. It’s only a single flush, in contrast to most modern toilets that have dual flush mechanisms.

Kohler Highline Curve – A Quick Look


Brand Name: Kohler

Model Highline

The water usage: 1.28 GPF

Rough-In rough-in: 10″ 12, 12″ or 14″

Flushing Class 5

Dual Flush Dual Flush: No

Design: 2-piece

Size of Bowl: 16.5″

Total Height of 31 inches”

Handle Location: Left

Warranty 1 year

Affirmed for many years by professionals, Highline toilets are the most popular toilets from Kohler. An amazing blend of design and water efficiency The Highline Curve Toilet is marked by a stylish flared tank, with subtle stepped detail. Together with Kohler’s powerful flush valve, you’re not sacrificing performance to design.

Kohler 3979-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-piece elongated 1.6 gpf chair height toilet
  • Two-piece toilet. Three-bolt quick-connect installation
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.
  • Comfort Height(R) feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults.
  • Less seat and supply
  • K-3979 includes: K-4468 Toilet tank and K-4199 Comfort Height Toilet Bowl. Use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth. Never use an abrasive material such as a brush or scouring pad to clean surfaces

An innovative 1.28-gallon flushing setting can provide substantial water savings of up to 16,500 gallons annually as compared to a traditional 3.5-gallon toilet. The complete Solution package comes with everything you need to toilet installation, like a wax ring, and others.

  • Comfort height
  • Economical flush
  • Class 5 flush
  • No dual flush
  • Two-piece only
  • Trap-ways are clearly visible
  • The price is too high for what you get

Class 5 Economy Flush

Kohler Highline Curve Comfort Toilet Review

There is no one who wants a messy toilet bowl that is covered in ugly streaks and staining. We’re all aware of the amount of water we consume at the present, which is why many users are also seeking the most affordable flush.

This is the reason why the Highline is different. It provides a low-cost flush that requires only 1.28 GPF. However, this flush is classified as class five. This means it has the highest flushing efficiency although it does not use a lot of water.

The flush was also observed to be extremely thorough, reaching every part inside the bowl. So, the bowl stays clear and doesn’t require any continuous focus.

There are no Awards For Appearances

There are no Awards For Appearances

While appearances can be a secondary consideration to efficiency, the majority of people still want an attractive bathroom that will enhance the overall look of their bathrooms. Although it’s true that the Highline isn’t ugly by all means, the Highline is unlikely to be a winner of many prizes for its beauty.

It’s an ordinary-looking toilet with no design elements that are distinctive. The surface is glossy and attractive however it’s not anything special in it.

Today, many toilets are beginning to feature elegant designs, even tucking away the trap-ways, and offering sleek lines that create an extremely attractive toilet. There’s nothing like that in the Highline. Of course, there are people who are looking for something different. If you’re looking for an ordinary toilet, the Highline certainly meets the criteria.

Are You able to keep It Well-Maintained?

Are You Able To Keep It Well-Maintained?

One of the primary aspects of a toilet is how simple it is to maintain a clean. Fortunately, the bowl of the Highline is kept clean because of the powerful class five flush.

The toilet is constructed from china, with a glossy finish that is easy to clean down. There are however certain aspects making this bathroom less hygiene-friendly in comparison to other toilets.

The first is its two-piece design. It’s because there’s an opening large enough between the bowl and the tank. The bacteria, dirt, and other nasty things can get into the opening, causing unpleasant odors, and rendering the whole toilet-less clean. Because it’s hard to keep this area clean this is a problem that you’ll be faced with.

We’re also not so happy with the trap-ways that are exposed. It’s a typical design, however, today several manufacturers have moved away from it and have trap-ways that are skirted instead. With trap-ways that are visible, there are plenty of tiny crevices in which bacteria, dirt, and other things can begin to accumulate. There is no one who enjoys reaching at the toilet in order to remove these spots.

A Comfy Parking Space Your Can

A Comfy Parking Space Your Can

If you spend a significant amount of time in the toilet, even in the event that you don’t, you’re likely to would like to make it as comfortable as you can. You’ll always be able to find an option that is more comfortable by putting your back on it, however, you can’t alter the height of the toilet.

Thankfully it’s not too late, as the Highline comes in a variety of sizes and heights, including the comfortable height model which is 16.5 inches from just above the edge. If you’ve added a toilet seat you’ll have a height of 17-18 inches. This is higher than most toilets and is a good height for people who have difficulties bending down to lower or get off a toilet that is too low.

There are Differences between Kohler Highline Arc and Curve Toilet

After going through the brief comparisons of Kohler Highline Arc and Curve toilets Here are the main difference that has been noted in the toilets.

  • Height Differentialities

There are no differences in the heights of Kohler Highline arc as well as Curve. The Curve is a bit larger, which can be a problem for shorter people.

A tiny bit of chair height seating difference will not automatically place one onto the pedestal.

But elevated toilets are often referred to as having a comfortable height toilet, particularly for taller individuals who are out there.

Yet, the difference between standard and comfort heights is only two inches!

  • Other Design

The style of the Highline Arc is not too appealing like other toilets on the market. The overall appearance is classy but the style isn’t the most appealing to take a look at. The glossy surface will allow you to keep your bathroom clean effortlessly.

Highline Curve looks much better than the Highline Arc (but that is my personal opinion) With its wider, flat construction. The sleek, narrow design of the Arc did not work what I wanted it to!

  • Flush

Highline Arc Highline Arc is admired for its ability to flush. While it’s not expensive with water it also provides a robust flush that keeps the bowl clean and tidy.

If you’re okay with just one flush then this is the right one for you.

To speak of Highline Curve. It is able to flush the same way as the Highline Arc, however, it is quiet. The flush is efficient and cleanses everything on the sides and front of the bowl.

While it is not able to blockage of drain lines, however, it will help to eliminate the formation of odor and soil.

  • Price

When Kohler Highline Arc is priced at around 179 dollars, Highline Curve is also priced at the same price. There is a tense battle between the two, where the price is not a factor!

Other aspects that toilets have will determine who will win in the final.

  • Warranty

When you comply with the warranty conditions, Highline Curve offers a more favorable deal than Highline Arc.

Which One is Best for You?

In terms of height, immediately, for those who want comfortable chair-height seating, choose Highline Curve. These toilets make sitting down and standing up easier for most adults.

If the height isn’t a problem for you, then opt for Highline Arc, which has the standard height.

When it comes to style, Highline Curve is flatter and wider, while the Highline Arc is sleeker and slimmer.

The choice you make is based on your personal preference as well as the design of your bathroom Because design it’s not only clear and pretty shower walls. . But remember, the type of bowl added room and comfort for example.

You can then completely trust both toilets because they use the same technology for flushing. A low usage in the range of 1.28 Gallons per Flush is worthy of the investment.

However, none use a dual flush mechanism which could be a problem.

In addition, there’s no reason to be concerned about the price since both costs the identical. But, Highline Curve offers a 5-year limited warranty on the toilet, while the Highline Arc only gives a year-long warranty. Therefore, it’s not difficult to decide on this.

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Customers Reviews


I am not a fan of low-flow toilets due to two reasons. One reason is that they tend to get clogged way too easily. The other reason is the fact that I reside in an isolated area. In a humid and rainy zone. millions of gallons of water run over my house each year towards the ocean. Hearing from greenies and officials that taking half as much water in a flush is going to help save some drought-stricken area of the nation that is not connected to the water table is a slap in the face.

I needed to get rid of the old low-flow toilet due to it being too low and would get blocked every time someone utilized it. It was embarrassing and uncomfortable. I purchased this model from a plumbing professional and asked him to take it away and change it out. To date, there has only been one occasion when the plunger had to be used.

There were some who questioned the possibility of a normal plunger failing because of the form of the train on the Kohler models. If the clog was serious enough, maybe, however, the one instance that has been cleared so far was less effort than my almost everyday battle using the original toilet. Since I’ve not changed my toilet this means that the difference is in the equipment. I’d certainly recommend this one.

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