Small Black Worms In Shower And How To Rid It – Ultimate Guide 2023

Small black worms in shower – what are the reasons, and how to rid it? We’ve all come across them in the past – those tiny black insects in the shower which collect and then squirm down the drain. Perhaps you think they’re cool or maybe they just gross the hell out of you, whatever the case these things need to go.

The tiny black worms that are in your shower are larvae of the drain flies. They live near standing water as long as they have an aliment source, which could be almost all organic materials.

Although they’re unlikely to cause any harm (or even cause you to get sick) The flies and their larvae are unattractive at most, and, at worst, they can cause problems with your plumbing. The best way to deal with them is to get rid of the flies and larvae sooner rather than later.

Why Are There Black Worms in My Shower?

If you’re experiencing black worms in your shower It’s because they’re eating and have standing water. The same is applicable to the growth of mold and you’ll often observe both in the shower.

Why Are There Black Worms in My Shower?

They are tiny black creatures that are fond of standing water. Your shower drain contains it in abundance. There are also hair, slime, mold dead skin organic substances that they can consume. They are attracted to areas where they can most thrive so your bath, specifically, its drain is one of them. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Black Worms Aren’t Really Worms

The larvae of drain fly appear like worms and move and wiggle just like them also. They can range from 4-10 millimeters (0.16-0.39 in) They’re also tiny. Most of the time, you won’t even be aware of some or even two. Once they’ve established a presence in the drain of your shower You’ll notice them wiggle around, particularly since their larval stage lasts for up to 24 hours.

But here’s the thing If you can are able to see the worms implies that there are a number of others that you do not observe.

Small Black Worms In Shower And How To Rid It - Ultimate Guide 2022

Drain flies deposit their eggs in the drain which is near the slime and mold that builds up in the drain. In most cases, you won’t notice any evidence or evidence of drain flies until they’ve grown and started to move close to your drain.

If your spouse calls to ask “Why are there black worms in my shower?” You’ll know that you’ve got tasks to tackle since seeing larvae in your drain indicates that a significant part of them is likely living within the drain.

How To Get Rid Of Small Black Worms In Bathroom

1. Confirm They’re Black Worms

If you’re seeking solutions to the blues of your black worms You may be frustrated since very few sources describe the worms as being black. You’ll see them described as drain fly larvae, drain worms, or sink/drain/moth/sewer flies. They’re the intermediate point between flies and eggs.

It is important to distinguish these flies from other household flies may be crucial. They resemble fruit flies, or gnats however, they sport fuzzy, hairy bodies that have streaks of white on the wings. If you accidentally crush one of them, they might cause a dusty residue on your fingers or wall.

Larvae that drain are tiny, and rarely larger than 10mm, or 1/8 one-eighth of an inch. They resemble the black (or darker brown) earthworms but lack legs, eyes, or even eyes. Their anatomy is straightforward and has breathing tubes after a week or so, they wrap themselves into pupa and then emerge as flying flies.

2. Boil And Batter Them

In some homes, hygiene is an obsession in some homes. It’s common to see people wiping down surfaces and spraying Lysol several times per hour. Even if you’re not a tidy freak getting rid of blackworms may require this level of focus (though at a lower and less severe amount).

It’s a good idea to dry the sinks whenever they’re not being used. It’s true that it can be a bit difficult – but sinks have faucets and it’s normal for them to be soaked. But, these droplets could attract drain flies and worms therefore, after cleaning your hands and brushing your teeth wash the sink, then dry it with a towel.

Then, two or three times a day, pour one gallon of hot water into the drain. This keeps the trap moist and washes away any black drain flies, worms, or insects’ eggs. You can also add some drops of dishwashing soap into the water to make it hot, however, you’ll need an additional application to wash soap.

3. Cover Their Entry Point

In the past, there was a belief that rodents (and worms) spontaneously grew out of garbage. We didn’t know that garbage draws these pests in and they reproduce near the food source. All we knew was that for one day, there wasn’t any garbage in the area. Then, people began dumping.

There was eventually an enormous pile of garbage and then worms and rats emerged from the sludge. The same thing happened to the black worms that were inside the bathrooms. They appeared to appear as if they were aplenty! However, in reality, they hatch from egg flies from drains, which were laid beneath the sink.

The quickest method to rid yourself of black worms in your bathroom is to block the drain. This way, eggs won’t hatch, and the worms aren’t able to crawl through the tub. You can also cover the drain by using a stopper, an aluminum cap, a temporary Tupperware lid, or, for a short time, an encapsulation device and any other drain cover.

4. Smother The Eggs

As we’ve said drain flies lay eggs in the drain. Usually, the drain trap under the sink is filled with water. The water creates a scent barrier that prevents sewer odors from escaping into the bathroom. But that water trap is sometimes coated with biofilm and Muck.

The drain flies leave their hatchlings in the scum which accumulates over the waterline. In this regard, there are two primary methods to eliminate black worms that are infesting your bathroom. The first is to prevent drain flies from getting into the drain in the beginning. This way, they won’t lay eggs.

Two, ensure that the eggs are in a secure place, away from the water so they do not develop. Even if they do, however, they won’t be able to access the other bathroom, so they’ll ultimately end up dying. Pouring baking powder and vinegar into the drain will remove undesirable smells, eliminate obstructions, and kill the worms.

5. Buy A DIY Kit

Thanks to the internet the solutions to a myriad of household issues are just one click away. This is a great way to rid yourself of the black worms living in your bathroom. It includes insecticide and an enzyme killer as well as glue traps.

Buy A DIY Kit

Start by setting traps that are sticky to discover how severe the drain fly infestation is. Set the traps after each black worm treatment to determine how effective it is by looking at how many insects or worms remain floating around the bath (or your kitchen) drain.

Spray the aerosol bottle to eliminate the drain flies that are growing and keep their breeding. After that pour the enzyme gel into the drain to kill any flies eggs or worms. To maintain your routine it is possible to pour your black worm gel in the sink each month or as often as you like.

6. Bleach Them Out

The ideal situation is for chlorine bleach to be the last option to control bathroom bugs. This is due to the fact that bleach can cause a variety of negative side negative effects. It’s also efficient in getting away from blackworms that have accumulated in the bathroom. The easiest method is to flush bleach down the drain, and put on gloves and goggles.

It is also important to ensure that the bathroom is well-ventilated when you use bleach, which means that all doors and windows must be shut and the fan must be at its maximum setting. An alternative that is safer is to apply oxygen-based bleach. It could be something like hydrogen peroxide.

A better, more eco-friendly option is to go with undiluted vinegar. White vinegar is fine however you may also consider ACV (apple cider vinegar) or substitute commercial vinegar. The fluids eliminate bacteria and block the food source for your black worms and the drain flies they turn into.

7. Salt The Idle Sinks

It is possible to think that black drain flies and worms only live in bathrooms with active water. They are, however, three times better in bathrooms that are not being used because the water inside the U-trap, P-trap, or toilet tank gets stagnant. The traps could dry up because they aren’t cleaned or refreshed frequently.

To prevent this mess, check the bathrooms of guest rooms and toilets that aren’t utilized. Make sure to run the faucets and/or flush the toilets every week. This ensures that the traps are filled with fresh clean water throughout the day. It is also possible to pour vinegar and salt inside the tank, or into the drain.

Both vinegar and salt have antiseptic properties that destroy bacteria and germs. Through this process, the cleansing ingredients stop black worms and drain fly flies becoming a problem and growing. After all, their life of a cycle, from the egg to the worm takes only 2 to 3 weeks!

8. Bait ‘Em ‘N Switch ‘Em

Now, you’re aware that vinegar as well as baking soda. Both are fantastic methods to eliminate black worms that are in your bathroom. You’re also aware of the reason these bugs (and the flies that they’ll develop into) are attracted by the drains in your bathroom. If you’re looking to kill and capture these worms, bait may help.

To lure your worm trap with black, you only need to add some ingredients to your cleanse concoction. Apart from the standard baking vinegar and baking soda, You can also add dishwashing soap and table sugar. Sugar releases a sweet scent that draws the insects attracted by the smell.

The soap forms a layer that blocks the worms and the flies from leaving. The fizzing reaction kills existing black worms as well as drain Flies as they dissolve the food sources they rely on. The salt, foam, and sizzle eliminate pathogens, bacteria, and eggs that have not yet laid there.

9. Dry Everything Out

If you don’t have fans in your bathroom, think about installing one. It’s the best method to eliminate black worms in your bathroom. Keep in mind that they’re attracted by humid areas, no matter if it’s the constant drip of the faucet or the steamy shower that’s running several times throughout the day.

It’s been mentioned before that you need to clean the sinks and walls to prevent watermarks and stagnant pools. You can however make use of a timed fan that automatically activates following every shower or bath. It draws out all excess moisture and vapor. It is also possible to use a dehumidifier or AC.

If you do not have fans or electronic devices, be sure to shut all windows and doors for 10 minutes to an hour each time you use the bathroom. Remove the curtains, towels, or drapes, and allow them to dry in order to avoid the bathroom becoming damp, spongy or musty.

10. Invest In Enzyme Drain Cleaner

It is possible to think that environmentally friendly cleaning supplies are trendy and that is best left to vegans and eco-friendly people. Since your beloved bleach is able to handle anything, does it not? Black worms are the theme of adult drain flies as well as their eggs. Therefore, even if you can’t observe them, they’re present.

Invest In Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Therefore, it is beneficial to keep an enzyme cleanser in the home throughout the day. It will devour the eggs, pupa worms, and all the rest. You can clean the bathroom floor using chlorine bleach to eliminate any trace of black worms. However, the best choice is an enzyme spray.

Examples include Flo-Zyme Green Gobbler, Bio-Clean, and Bio-Fresh. It is also possible to make your own enzyme drain cleaner using fermented fruits, peels, and citrus rinds inside an air-tight bottle. However, these DIY products may smell, so be sure to label the prepared and use it cautiously.

11. Unclog Your Sinks

Sometimes, the obstruction within your bathroom drain is evident. In other instances, you may not identify it as well since it’s draining slowly but it’s not completely blocked. In both instances, the debris that’s in your drain is creating the perfect home for black adult drain flies, worms, and other frightful creatures.

Use the most popular methods to clean the drain in your bathroom or bathroom sink. They include plunging with an aluminum drain snake or wire of steel, triggering a reaction using caustic and baking soda with vinegar, putting in the drain screen to remove hair that has become matted, or even using bleach to clean the drain.

In clearing any undetected obstructions, you will make your bathroom less appealing to drain flies and black worms. Additionally, you’ll eliminate any eggs or larvae, (larvae) or pupa floating around in your P-traps. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an effective tip as well. Sprinkle it over the sink.

12. Clean Out The Trap

As we’ve already mentioned that they are parasites that develop from eggs of drain flies laid at the bottom of the waterline of the traps, such as the P-trap or U-trap. It is therefore beneficial to strike the trap in a direct manner in order to rid the trap of black worms. This is a simple process to do if the worms have been creeping into the sink in the bathroom.

You can effortlessly scoot beneath the sink using an empty bucket, remove the trap and then release the contents. After that, wash the trap using warm soapy water and pipe brushes. Clean and clean the trap to get rid of the eggs and the traces of flies that you may have missed.

In the end, you should fill the trap with fresh water and then screw it back in its place. If the crawlers are moving around inside a shower drain or bathtub tray, it’s less feasible to take the trap apart. It may be necessary to hire an expert plumber or contractor to dismantle the entire thing and reach the pipes beneath.

13. Buy Them A Drink

There is no way to drown black worms or drain the flies. You may see worms sticking their heads from the water whenever you turn on the tap. They do this in order to breathe, and that’s why you’ll be seeing more of them following an intense rain. They are able to breathe whenever their sewers, pipes, and drains are overflowing.

There are also black worms in buckets that are not being used product packs, buckets, or shampoo bottles that are in the bathroom. While hot water may cause them to be scalded out, However, a cold one is just as efficient. Particularly when it’s a fizzy, syrupy, and corrosive beverage such as Coca-Cola.

Pouring the contents of a can down the toilet will eliminate any black worms that are there. Then, follow it up with white vinegar to eliminate germs, and then boiling water to wash off any remaining sugar. The stickiness of soda pop may quickly attract other pests who see it as a perfect food source.

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Flies and drain worms won’t harm your health, but they’re filthy small sewage dwellers. They are attracted to and around drains because they hold water and the organic material from the surface they feed. They don’t hang out in the shower. they could also be found in the kitchen sinks.

You can eliminate them using commercial drain-cleaning solutions or natural solutions There are even products specifically designed to get rid of drain flies. After they’ve gone, you must do your best to ensure that the drain flies won’t come back. This means keeping your drains and pipes clean and in good order.

Small Black Worms in Shower FAQs

How do I get rid of little black worms in my shower?

Learn how to eliminate insects in your bathroom, kitchen toilet, garage, or kitchen.
1. Unclog the Drain Filters. …
2. Pour Hot Water into the Drains. …
3. Use Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners. …
4. Use Baking Soda and White Vinegar. …
5. Scour the Drains With a Metal Pipe Brush. …
6. Use a Plumbing Snake. …
7. Clean the Surfaces With Bleach.

Are shower worms harmful?

They can appear like spooky creatures, but they aren’t recognized to transmit blood-borne illnesses to humans as the other insect species do. The risk to health they pose is in the place they originate from. They could spread bacteria wherever they go. If they’re being dragged up from the kitchen drain, they may cause food contamination.

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