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How much does a toilet weigh? Toilets are heavy plumbing fixtures that often require multiple people to be lifted. Toilets are designed to last for many years, and you could live many years without needing to move or replace your toilet.

However one-piece toilets weigh about 90 pounds, while two-piece toilets weigh more than 55 pounds.

But, toilets are built differently, and their weight will differ from one model to the next. The weight, for instance of a toilet, will depend on the toilet’s configuration and design as well as the material. So how heavy a single-piece toilet is different than that of two-piece toilets.

Through this guide, you will be able to understand what factors impact the weight of toilets, with examples of specific models of toilets.

How Much Does a Toilet Weigh?

How Much Does a Toilet Weigh?

Toilets, in general, are heavy fixtures for bathrooms. Knowing the weight of a toilet could be an important factor to consider when making a plan of construction because not only do you need to lift the toilet and then lay it on the floor, but the flooring must be strong enough to handle the weight.

Here are a few factors that determine the mass of most toilets:


A very commonly used substance used in toilets is porcelain, which is a ceramic created by combining clay with minerals like quartz or silica.

Porcelain toilets can be molded, and then cured by the kiln. Porcelain is a very popular material for toilets due to its durability and waterproofing.

Other materials toilets can be constructed from which aren’t as well-known but can be lighter are stainless steel plastic and resin.

Toilet Size and Design

Toilet Size and Design

Toilets are available in a myriad of designs and sizes, which can influence their weight to some extent. For instance, toilets that are compact and intended for bathrooms that are small are smaller in dimensions, consequently smaller and lighter. Comfort-height toilets, on the contrary, are bigger in terms of size.

The additional materials needed for the comfortable height make these toilets heavier. Other toilet brands have smaller tanks for their toilets, making them lighter.

Toilet Brand

Different brands of toilets use different methods to create their toilets. The method used by the manufacturer for the production of toilets is known to influence how heavy the toilet is.

In this way, you’ll notice that a one-piece bathroom model from one brand is lighter or heavier than an identical one-piece model from a different brand.

For example for instance, For instance, Toto Ultramax II one-piece toilet weights 99 pounds and its American Standard Champion 4 one-piece toilet weighs 119 pounds.

The Weight of a One-Piece Toilet

The Weight of a One-Piece Toilet

Single-piece toilets contain the tank and the toilet bowl joined into one unit that must be moved and installed.

They are heavier than toilets with two pieces. A one-piece toilet weighs between 110 and 88 pounds.

For example that for instance, the American Standard Champion 4 one-piece toilet weighs 119 pounds and it weighs 119 pounds. The Toto Ultramax II one-piece toilet weighs 99 pounds.

How Much Does a Two-Piece Toilet Weigh?

Two-Piece Toilet Weigh

They are available in two major components: the tank and the bowl. Each of these components is less heavy than a one-piece toilet.

Of the two components of the toilet, the bowl is much heavier than the tank. The bowl of a two-piece toilet weighs between 50 and 60 pounds.

But, there are toilet bowls that weigh up to 35 pounds lighter. The weight of the tank in a 2-piece toilet differs between models. It will weigh between 25 to 40 pounds, representing approximately 1/3 of the total weight.

If you combine the bowl and tank the toilet will weigh at least 80 pounds. One good example of a toilet made of two pieces includes The Toto Drake’s two-piece toilet, which weighs just 87 pounds.

For more information, check out our analysis of one-piece toilets vs. two-piece ones.


This is the area a toilet can make use of. Toilets are designed and constructed to be able to fit into specific spaces.

You can, for instance, locate compact toilets made to fit into a tiny bathroom or in a bathroom for commercial use in which a bathtub or shower isn’t required.

The larger your footprint is, the greater the dimensions of the toilet bowl, and the more it weighs. Learn more about the various kinds and flushing systems for toilets here.

The Bowl’s Shape

Toilets can have basins made of either round or elongated. This could impact the load of the toilet, too.

Elongated toilets are just a couple of inches larger than regular ones, and can add to the toilet’s dimensions and weight can make toilets that have elongated bowls a bit heavier.

How Much Does a Wall-Hung Toilet Weigh?

How Much Does a Wall-Hung Toilet Weigh?

The name implies that these wall-mounted toilets are designed to be placed in an upright position on the wall of the bathroom. In order to ensure the safe mounting of the toilet, these toilets are less heavy than traditional toilets.

Their size is determined by many factors however, a typical wall-hung toilet weighs anywhere from 55 to 75 pounds.

How Much Does a Porcelain Toilet Weigh?

Porcelain has been identified as the top commonly used toilet material. And, as we have mentioned, the substance the toilet is constructed from really influences its weight.

Although other variables can influence the weight finalized On average, a porcelain toilet can weigh anywhere from 60-120 pounds.

The Weight of a Smart Toilet

The Weight of a Smart Toilet

The majority of smart toilets have the smallest size, and some without tanks.

However, these toilets can be very heavy. Some are heavier than conventional one-piece and two-piece toilets.

It could be due to the various additional components and amenities they provide, such as heated seats and bidets, odor sprays, or water sprays. The addition of all this technology will surely contribute to the weight of the toilet overall.

Most of the most popular smart toilets on the market weigh between 90 to 120 pounds. For example, Kohler Veil, the Kohler Veil Intelligent toilet weights 110 pounds and Toto 700H weighs 123 pounds. Toto 700H can weigh more than 123 pounds.

What is The Standard Toilet Weight?

On average, manufacturers create toilets that weigh between 66 and 120 pounds. The style of the toilet determines the weight of a normal toilet. We’re going to explore it further in the following paragraphs.

Note that the weights that we’ll discuss are what’s known as the “dry weight” or the weight net of a toilet that does not include the lid, seat, or water.

A toilet that is fully installed that has tanks of water, and an enclosure with a lid and seat will weigh between about 86-140 pounds. these components will add around 20 pounds.

How Much Does a Toilet Seat Weigh?

The toilet seat, in comparison to other components in the restroom, can be lightweight, perhaps one pound or more. This is mainly due to the substance that the seat is made from.

There are toilet seats constructed of plastic, polyresin, and wood, as well as fiberboard and duroplastic. These are far lighter in weight than porcelain.

For more information about bathroom remodeling, look over our bathroom remodeling concepts here.

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How Much Does a Toilet Weigh Conclusions

When replacing or installing the toilet, you’ll have to person lift or move the toilet from one place to the next.

As you’ve learned from this article, the majority of toilet models weigh a lot. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use toilet then you must opt for the smaller toilet models.

You can also go for a two-piece bathroom that is less heavy and is easier to transport from one place to the next. If weight isn’t an issue, modern one-piece toilets can be adorned with sleek style.

No matter the weight of the toilet model, you must be assisted by someone to do the lifting and transporting. This helps make the job less difficult and helps avoid harm to your new toilet.


How heavy is an empty toilet?

In order to spare you from some hassle Here’s how much toilets weigh Toilets weigh around 96 pounds and can vary between 70-115 pounds. 1-piece toilets weigh on average 99 pounds. They tend to weigh a bit more than 2-piece toilets, which weigh in the range of 95lbs on average.

How heavy is a two-piece toilet?

A typical one-piece toilet weighs around 88 pounds (40kg) while the two-piece model weighs approximately 55 lbs (25kg). A single-piece toilet weighs more since the tank and toilet are joined, while two-piece toilets comprise two separate tanks and toilets connected by fittings.

How Much Does The Average Porcelain Toilet Weigh?

Two-piece toilets that are standard weigh between 60 to 100 pounds. Single-piece toilets may weigh as much as 120 pounds.

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