Can You Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

Can you flush hair down the toilet? Hair and other small objects do not pose an issue for your toilet. They are saying – out of sight and out of mind.

Hair disposal in the toilet might seem like a trivial thing but it’s not healthy for plumbing and sewer systems. How do you wash your hair in the bathroom?

Hair can be thrown in the toilet, however, it’s not recommended to do so. The shape and texture of hair can be caught on surfaces that are rough which is an ongoing cause of blocked drains. Learn more about how to get rid of hair, and prevent the possibility of clogging.

Can Hair Be Flushed Down the Toilet?

Can You Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

While it may seem tempting, it’s not recommended to pour hair into the toilet. Hair is among the most frequent causes of an obstruction in the drainpipe. Although the toilet itself probably will not be clogged due to hair growth, those downstream will definitely be affected with time. There are many reasons why this happens.

In the beginning, hair will catch anything that is in its path. If you’re in the market for new pipes, you may not notice any flaws within them, however, for anything that has had wear and tear or been repaired, you’ll find certain areas of roughness or areas of accumulation that can snag every hair that gets it’s into the way.

In the next step, long hair tends to roll up quickly. If it does it forms a beautiful web that holds anything that is trying to move through. The net can lead to an obstruction with time as more debris is captured by the web.

In addition in contrast to other biological materials, hair breaks down extremely slowly. Therefore, should hair start to clog your drains, don’t count on it to dissolve over the course of time? Instead, it’ll get worse and worse.

In the end, if you’re using a septic system that is not properly maintained, you could be faced with more issues than a blocked drain since the components are less accessible and difficult to fix. A flushing hair down the toilet, or if you flush pubic hair, is bad. Repairs to a septic system can be expensive, so the only things that can be flushed in this instance are a human waste as well as septic-safe toilet paper.

What can you flush into the toilet?

What Can You Flush Into The Toilet?

If you’re aware that you shouldn’t flush your hair into the drain Let’s talk about how you can do it. The only thing that you shouldn’t flush into in the bathroom is toilet paper, human waste (you know what we’re talking about!) along with toilet paper. It is best to avoid using other items in the toilet unless you are planning to tackle important problems afterward.

If you discover that your toilet has become blocked and you are unable to flush, don’t attempt to solve the issue by yourself. You’ll need a certified plumber to take care of it. This costs between PS75 and 150 to hire a professional plumber to unblock a toilet. Most likely, that’s not the kind of cash you’d like to flush in the trash — may be fun and for no reason.

3 Reasons Not to Throw Hair in the Toilet

Hair strands that are thrown in the toilet could be a natural thing to do However, there are three reasons to not take it any longer.

Hair Hooks to the Pipes

Hair isn’t dissolved and can attach itself to rough surfaces such as pipes. If you’ve got long hair streaks in your toilet catch basin, the hair may be wrapped around waste materials and create a clump that is difficult to get rid of.

The issue gets worse in drains that are older due to the numerous bumps and folds. In this instance, hair is everywhere and causes numerous obstructions within the toilet pipes. It’s not long for it to build up and blocks the drain.

Hair Breaks Down Slowly

3 Reasons Not to Throw Hair in the Toilet

In contrast to human waste and toilets, paper hair doesn’t degrade rapidly. When you discard hair strands in the drain of the toilet or in the trap for a long time. This creates the perfect environment for clogs because hair traps debris and debris.

It Forms Hair Clogs

Both of the issues mentioned earlier result in the third issue hair can end in blocking your toilet. If you constantly flush hair through the toilet, a lot of it will get stuck to pipes and can cause blockages.

It will begin to build up and will attract other elements, creating bigger fragments of debris. Sooner or later the toilet could get blocked and stop functioning. It is necessary to shut off the water supply, and then fix the toilet, which could be a messy DIY task.

How do you get rid of hair?

Imagine the scene you’ve scrubbed your hairbrush, but now you’ve got a mound of hair in your palm. Gross. How do you get rid of it? There are a few methods you could consider. In the beginning, you could decide to throw the waste in the trash. This isn’t the greenest alternative, but it’s the most efficient and simple way to dispose of it. Buh-bye, hair!

However, you can also make compost of the hair. As per Ecology Action, Human hair and pet fur could be composted. Since they’re 100% organic materials, they’ll be composted over time and you won’t need to be concerned at any time. If there is a compost bin in your yard (and you should, it’s 2022! ) it’s possible to use it to make hair.

If you think that’s not enough, then you may consider putting your extra hair on those flower beds. You read it exactly. Many gardeners utilize hair, and even animal fur to help support their soil. But, if you prefer to make use of a lot of products on the hair you may be thinking twice about this choice. The chemicals that are in hair spray or gels as well as sprays to protect against heat aren’t suitable for flowers or plants. Keep this in mind first!

Hair strands can be thrown in the garbage where they belong. There is no specific procedure or methods for disposal to follow. Just place them in a plastic bag, then dispose of them. This way your hair will end up in the landfill and decay significantly faster.

We suggest you purchase the trash bin and place it near the bowl of your toilet. It’s an incentive to dispose of hair into the trash bin and not flush it into the toilet. If you don’t have room for it to be left there you can place your bin on the wall of your bathroom.

Solution 2: Composting

Another option is composting AKA organic matter recycling. Composting helps reduce organic waste that ends up in landfills, produces healthier plants that are not irrigated with chemical substances, and increases soil fertility.

Hair is high in protein and can make a fantastic fertilizer for plants. If more than one member of your family has hair that is long it’s likely that you’ll have a few hairs to get rid of from your yard or in your garden.

Solution 3: Burn It

We do not recommend this method however it is useful to provide an alternate. You could burn hair, and then eliminate it. The disadvantage is the smell of burning hair is a bit sour.

It’s a potentially dangerous procedure, but it also takes longer to burn hair than dispose of it in a garbage can. In all of these instances, we believe it’s best to dispose of your hair in the trash.

Six Other Things to Not Flush Into The Toilet

Things to Not Flush Into The Toilet

Have you ever wondered about the items that should not be flushed down your drain? Okay, let us enlighten you. If you’re looking to save yourself the hassle and expense to call a plumbing professional you should be vigilant here. There are a lot of items to be aware of, many people make several common errors. In that mind, let’s examine five things you should never flush in the toilet.

1. Tampons

There is a reason why individuals would flush tampons down the drain. These products for sanitary use are commonly used in the bathroom, and it’s a common choice. However, tampons can be porous, which means they expand when liquid is added. Thus, they’ll get bigger when you insert them into your pipes, which will cause the blockage in a matter of minutes.

2. Kitty Litter

Are you the proud owner of a sweet cat in your house? Great stuff! Avoid throwing cat litter into the toilet. You may think their waste is similar that human urine. It’s not. In addition, the majority of kitty litter is made from clay or wood chips. These materials could quickly cause havoc to your plumbing, and cause blockages to your pipes. Do not make this mistake at all costs.

3. Dental Floss

If you are flossing on the toilet, performing a cucking motion with your floss from the toilet can be a quick solution. If you do this often but you could discover that your toilet begins to get blocked. The floss could break up into a ball and cause an obstruction over time. The longer this material continues to get caught in your pipes, then the more serious the issue will become. Instead of creating to go through all that trouble throw the floss straight into the trash bin after you’re finished.

4. Wipes, Baby Wipes

Do you utilize wipes to get that refreshing feeling? If you answered yes, you need to be aware of it. Although wipes might appear similar to toilet rolls however they’re not. The material is much thicker and is more likely to cause an issue in your drains. Toilet rolls are generally biodegradable and can be disposed of naturally in pipes. But, the same can’t be said for the case to wipes. You’ll need to put them into the bathroom trash bin instead.

5. Bandages

The bandages are made of thick material to ensure that they will keep your wounds protected. This also means that they shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. If you’re attempting to dress down in the restroom, you could be inclined to flush it in the toilet. Don’t do it. It doesn’t matter if the products are made of cloth or other materials that are disposable The result will be exactly the same.

6. Tissues and Paper Towels

Similar to the other items listed, paper towels don’t break down in the water. The more they build up the greater the amount of clog and the more plumbing costs.

Here are some things that you shouldn’t flush:

  • Food scraps especially hard and oily leftovers
  • Products for hygiene and towels made of paper
  • Wipes for babies as well Q Tips
  • Tampons, medications, and other lubricants
  • Condoms and rubber products
  • Toilet paper and cigarette butts
  • Cat litter and paper

The conclusion is obvious you should be careful before washing your hair in the toilet. Avoid these blunders in case you end up coming across some annoyance plumbing issues. Your pipes will remain free of blockages now you have the solution.

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So, Can You Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

The answer is no, there is not a good idea to flush excess hair. All that hair does not break into pieces in the sewer and is the reason behind many of the most problematic blockages. Result – clogged drain pipe.

Remember: Only human waste and toilet paper are flushable.


What happens if hair gets flushed down the toilet?

It is not recommended to flush hair in the toilet. It might seem like a good idea but hair will not dissolve in water. It is also likely to get trapped in plumbing. One hair strand can become entangled with hair as it goes by, eventually leading to an uncontrollable blockage that is made up of toilet paper, hair as well as human waste.

Can I flush pubes down the toilet?

There is no. Do not be the risk of blocking. Be sure to avoid having a conversation with your mother or plumber. If you’re going to take the risk, flushing the toilet is likely to be the best option, however dependent on the volume of hair you’re trying to get rid of, there’s a possibility of flush reversing.

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