American Standard Vormax Review and Features

American Standard is one of the most trusted toilet brands in the country. It is no surprise that the company has been around for over 100 years. They make toilets that are durable, innovative, efficient, comfortable, and long-lasting. Unlike Toto toilets and Kohler toilets, the American Standard toilets are slightly cheaper but still perform at a very high level.

American Standard has brought several VORMAX models to the market:

  • American Standard Vormax,
  • American Standard Optum Vormax,
  • American Standard Vormax plus

This American Standard Vormax review will help you learn more.

What’s the VorMax flushing system?

VorMax flushing

Getting the toilet completely clean is one of the nastiest jobs, especially those dirty, hard-to-reach spots under the rim. In reality, conventional toilet design is a big part of the problem.

Introducing American Standard’s VorMax Flush Technology – The Cleanest Flush Ever Engineered.

VorMax is the solution to maintaining a cleaner toilet bowl by simply flushing the toilet. Its revolutionary VorMax flushing action, CleanCurve Rim design, and EverClean Surface keep the bowl so clean from top to bottom, that you’ll never have to worry about missing a spot again. VorMax Flush Technology has been independently tested and proven to clean 2 times better than conventional toilets. With a flush that cleans that well you can say goodbye to skid marks, streaks, and splatter for good.

The VorMax flush flips the ratio of water and uses 70% of the 1.28 gallons of water to rinse the bowl clean and the smaller amount (30%) to start the siphon and remove the waste.  The bigger percentage of water released to the rim to rinse the bowl will offer much greater scrubbing power and a much cleaner bowl. Both toilets are consuming 1.28 gallons of water but the amount and how water is delivered to the bowl is unique with VorMax. 


Technical Specifications for the American Standard Vormax Elongated Toilet

Features American Standard Vormax toilet

Color/Finish: White

Material: Vitreous China

Pieces: Two-Piece Toilet

Bowl Shape: Elongated bowl

Water Consumption:1.28 gallons of water per flush

CleanCurve Rim design: Yes

Dimensions:30.5 x 16 x 18.6 inches

Flush Type: Vormax powerful flushing system

Warranty: lifetime on chinaware, 10-year on all mechanical parts

Weight:100 pounds

Certification: Watersense toilet

Bowl: Comfort Height

Toilet Seat: The toilet seat is not included

American Standard 3385A101.222 Vormax Right Height Elongated Bowl, Linen
  • VorMax flushing technology
  • Right height elongated siphon action bowl
  • Ever Clean surface
  • Clean curve rim eliminates rim area where dirt and build-up hide
  • Transitional styling

Vitreous china construction

The Standard Vormax two-piece toilet, like the American Standard toilets, is also made from vitreous china material. The toilet can be cleaned easily because the china material is smooth and won’t let dirt and other particles stick to it. It also means the toilet will last a long time and is very durable. This unit can be used for up to 20 years if it is well maintained.

Elegant and stylish

American Standard Vormax is a chair-height comfortable toilet that can be used in any bathroom. The white finish blends well with most bathroom themes. It is best for larger bathrooms, and not smaller rooms, as it is large.

Two-piece toilet

When choosing a toilet, another factor to consider is its ease of installation. It can be difficult to install toilets, leading to additional costs such as hiring a professional plumber. This toilet is different because it has a separate tank and bowl. The toilet is very easy to install. It is also more durable than the conventional toilets you can buy at your local hardware store.

Vormax flushing system

The powerful Vormax flushing technology is the most impressive feature of the American Standard Vormax toilet. Many users complain about the poor flushing of most toilets. Many toilets leave ugly marks behind, which makes it necessary to clean them regularly. Vortex’s flushing system is different.
One powerful jet of water is used to scrub the bowl using vortex scouring action. Another jet of water is used to flush out the waste. Vormax flushing technology uses 1.28 GPF and is extremely efficient. This is almost the same as the American Standard Optum Vormax toilet. This flushing system is two times more efficient than traditional flushing systems. It helps you to keep the bowl clean.

CleanCurve bowl design

The vortex flushing system is not an all-in-one solution. It is compatible with the CleanCurve surface and the EverClean rim. CleanCurve’s rim prevents dirt from building up under the rim. It’s designed so that dirt and mold cannot hide. The toilet comes with a unique rim design that is easier to maintain and keeps the toilet cleaner.

dual injection flush valves

EverClean surface

To keep your toile clean, the EverClean surface is combined with the CleanCurve edge and Vormax flushing system. The smooth surface prevents waste and odor-causing bacteria from adhering to the bowl. This ensures a bowl clean for longer and requires fewer chemicals.

american standard vormax review

Elongated Bowl with a longer length

Some toilets can be uncomfortable to use, while others are more comfortable. American Standard toilets have an elongated bowl design and a long handle. It is convenient for different users as it offers additional sitting space. This is however a drawback for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms. For a small bathroom, you can check out the Compact Toto list.

Comfort height

Before buying any toilet online, it is important to know its dimensions. These dimensions include the height of the toilet from the floor to the toilet bowl, toilet tank height, rough size, and many other factors. American Standard Vormax toilet comes standard with a height for the chair. This height is recommended and is recommended even for public toilets. It is suitable for both the elderly and disabled. It’s the ideal choice for any bathroom.

ADA compliant

All requirements of the ADA compliant are met by the toilets. It is easy to use and comfortable for people with mobility issues, elderly people, and tall people. The left-hand chrome trip lever is flushable and the chair height can be adjusted.

EPA WaterSense certified

It is essential to have a water-saving toilet in today’s world. Some toilets use less than 1.28 gallons per flush, but require users to flush at least twice or three times. The American Standard Vormax toilet flushes poop in one flush and uses just 1.28 gallons per flush. It has passed the EPA WaterSense testing. The American Standard VorMax Plus toilets, which only use 1.0 gallons per flush, are more efficient.


American Standard is the industry leader in terms of the warranty. This unit comes with a limited lifetime warranty in China and a 10-year warranty for any other parts. You can be confident that you are buying from a trusted brand.

Pros and Cons of the Vormax toilet

  • Durable construction for long lastingness
  • It features a Vormax flushing system that is powerful and efficient
  • The bowl is long and provides users with comfort
  • EverClean surface helps keep the toilet clean longer
  • CleanCurve’s rim design eliminates dirt-hidden areas
  • The two-piece toilet design is easy to installation process
  • Universal height can accommodate different people
  • ADA compliant
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • Limited warranty of life in China and a 10-year guarantee on parts
  • You can purchase a separate toilet seat. American Standard Optum Vormax toilet comes with an integrated slow-close seat.
  • It is quite difficult to clean the exterior because it has an exposed Trapway
  • It takes up a lot of space, so it is not the best choice for small bathrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Toilet Clear Solid Waste in a Single Flush?

Due to its powerful flush system, it can clear solid waste in just a single flush. Also, it will leave the toilet bowl completely clean, with no dirt behind. Due to its EverClean surface, it will also last longer and require minimal maintenance.

Is The Seat Comfortable?

Yes, definitely with its 16.5-inch height, it’s comfortable for both tall and average people, as well as children, elders, and disabled persons.

Does the American Standard Vormax’s small water tank affect the flushing system?

It won’t. Although the water tank may be small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the flushing system will not be efficient. This toilet has the most efficient flushing system on the market, surprising no one. The toilet uses only 1.28 GPF to eliminate solid waste in one flush. It is also quiet to use.
Because it fills up faster than larger tanks, the small water tank is a benefit. You can flush your toilet in a matter of minutes, rather than waiting for hours.

I’m replacing the toilet with an older Kohler toilet model. Is it possible to use the wax ring from the old toilet?

Replacing an old Kohler toilet model is easy. You must replace the entire tank and bowl if you don’t want future problems. This includes the supply line, bolts, wax ring, and bolts. The American Standard Vormax toilet does not come with mounting hardware. You will need to purchase a new wax ring and supply lines as well as a soft-closing toilet chair.

Final thoughts

American Standard Vormax two-piece elongated toilets are strong, durable, and easy to clean. The Vormax flush system makes it 2x more efficient than traditional toilets. It also meets all ADA compliant, so it can be used in public bathrooms as well as at home. The toilet can be used by both adults and people with disabilities because it is at a comfortable height.

This toilet is the ideal toilet for your bathroom or office. It not only looks great but also minimizes cleaning time. We hope you found this American Standard Vormax review helpful. We wish you all the best and encourage you to leave comments or ask questions after having read our FAQ section.

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