American Standard Optum Vormax Reviews And Features

American Standard Optum VorMax two-piece toilet has a VorMax flushing technology which cleans the bowl twice as conventional toilets. The toilet is designed to fit perfectly into modern bathrooms. Even though it’s less expensive than the American Standard Vormax or American Standard Vormax Plus, The American Standard Optum toilet is still affordable. It is also ADA-compliant. It has a chrome left-hand trip lever. It is sturdy and has a CleanCurve edge. The Everclean surface also helps to keep the toilet clean for many years.
To learn more about the American Standard Optum Vormax elongated bowl American Standard Toilet, read our detailed American Standard Optum Vormax review.

What’s Vormax Flushing?

VorMax flushing

Vormax has created a double flushing system that uses water-saving technology and is a major improvement in toilet flushing. The powerful turbine flush cleans all of the bowls, including the rims. Most toilets cannot reach the unusual areas of the rims, so it is difficult for heavy flushes to clean them. Vormax’s powerful flushing eliminates any mildew or skid marks. It is also known as the “tubulation flushing method”. This system is growing in popularity in America due to its reliability and enduring flushing.

Technical Specifications For The American Standard Vormax Elongated Toilet


Features American Standard Vormax Toilet



Color/Finish: White

Material: Vitreous China

Pieces: Two-Piece Toilet

Bowl Shape: Elongated bowl

Water Consumption:1.28 gallons of water per flush

CleanCurve Rim design: Yes

Dimensions:30.5 x 16 x 18.6 inches

Flush Type: Vormax powerful flushing system

Warranty: lifetime on chinaware, 10-year on all mechanical parts

Weight:100 pounds

Certification: Watersense toilet

Bowl: Comfort Height

Toilet Seat: Slow close seat

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The toilet is also affordable and made by one of the most trusted brands. You can rely on the toilet to deliver a great experience in your bathroom because it uses Vormax technology, which is water-efficient and powerful.

Because the toilet has an elongated design, it is better suited to larger bathrooms than a round one. This review will help you understand the pros and cons of this toilet before buying.

American Standard Optum Vormax Reviews

american standard optum vormax reviews

Vitreous China Construction

The American Standard Optum Vormax toilet, which is made of vitreous china material, is built to last. The commode is made from vitreous china material which is stronger against spills. Cleaning it is simple. The vitreous china won’t be affected by other substances like waste and particles. The Flapper isn’t as durable as the American Standard Champion4 comfort height toilet.

The commode has a sturdy construction and a chrome trip lever left for easy flushing. It also features a stylish toilet tank with a flat cover. You can also place any items you like on the tank lid.

Two-piece design

Two-piece toilets can be installed easily, as you probably know. Because they are lighter, you can easily install both the toilet tank and the bowl. If one of the parts cracks or breaks, you can replace the tank, lid or seat, or even the toilet bowl. This is what you get with the Optum VorMax toilet.

CleaCurve rim design

It has a unique rim design which makes it easier to clean and maintain the toilet. It eliminates bacteria-causing odors and germs from the toilet bowl. There are no difficult-to-reach places inside the toilet bowl.

dual injection flush valves

VorMax flushing system

The powerful VorMax flushing system, which is also used in the VorMax Plus ultra-efficient toilets is another great feature. The Vormax flushing system is 2X more efficient than traditional toilets, according to tests. This Vormax flushing technology uses a powerful jet to clean the toilet bowl from top-to-bottom. The system leaves nothing behind and all solid waste, dirt, and other debris are flushed down the toilet. You won’t have clogs because the toilet moves large amounts of waste. The toilet moves large amounts of waste so you won’t experience clogs.

Vormax flushing works through dual-injection flush valves. They open nearly simultaneously, providing water to your bowl in two ways. To create a powerful jet, water flows in two ways: one to the trapway and the other to the jet hole. This technology is called “smart water”.

EverClean surface

Many homeowners are annoyed by the sight of a toilet that needs multiple flushes. These cases won’t happen with the American Standard Optum VorMax toilet. The EverClean glaze prevents particles and substances from sticking to the toilet bowl. This will result in a cleaner bowl and less cleaning. The toilet is two times more efficient than the conventional toilets you can buy in a store.

This means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the bowl after flushing. This also means that fewer chemicals will end up in the environment because you won’t need to use them as often.

american standard vormax review

High-efficiency toilet

The toilet uses just 1.28 gpf, in addition to its powerful flush system. You will save 20% on water consumption compared to an American Standard Titan 1.5 GPF toilet. This toilet is ideal for bathrooms that want to conserve water. It is also compliant with EPA WaterSense standards, so it can be installed anywhere in the country.

Bowl with a longer length

It is important to have a comfortable toilet as we use them a lot. The round bowl toilets are compact and uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. This model has an elongated bowl design, which provides more comfort and sitting space.

Comfort at the right height

You may find certain toilets more comfortable than others depending on your height. Standard height toilets are fine for shorter people, while those who are taller prefer elongated toilets that are right in height. You will find it easier to have a comfortable height or right height toilet if you have large children, teens, or the elderly. It can also be used by people with disabilities.

Slow-close seat

Toilets with slamming seats are dangerous and can cause injury. These commodes can make it very loud and dangerous to use. The Optum Vormax toilet, like American Standard Vormax, has a slow-close seat that doesn’t slam.

American Standard Optum Vormax Reviews
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Installation is simple

This unit is not like the most Elongated toilets available. It comes with wax rings and a toilet seat to make it easy to install. The manual will also help you install the toilet correctly. This toilet is ideal for people who need a non-clog toilet because of its wide flash valve and fully glazed trapway.


This is one of the best warranties on the market. American Standard offers a lifetime limited warranty on the vitreous chinaware, a 10-years warranty on mechanical parts, and only a one-year warranty on the seat.

Pros And Cons Of The Vormax Toilet

  • Well-built to last long
  • Easy to set up as it is a two-piece toilet
  • Excellent VorMax flushing power
  • Cleanurve rim design eliminates hideout for dirt and debris
  • Elongated bowl for added comfort
  • Comfort height serves most people
  • Slow-close seat avoids slamming
  • Easy to clean
  • American standard brand is ADA compliant
  • High-efficiency toilet
  • Many users complained about the constant filling of their toilet tanks
  • The purchase includes a wax ring.
  • You should replace the flapper as soon as you use the toilet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to mix and match toilet bowls and tanks?

It isn’t. There are some toilet models you can mix and match. However, if you mix and match toilet models, your toilet might not flush. You cannot mix a gravity-feed tank with a pressure-assisted toilet bowl. The toilet will not flush properly as a result. A 1.6 GPF tank will not work with a 1.28 Gallons per flush toilet bowl.

How does EverClean work?

The EverClean Glaze is a technology featured on most American Standard Toilets. It prevents the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria in the toilet bowl and keeps it clean. Your toilet will stay cleaner longer because less cleaning is needed. You won’t need to use a lot of chemicals to clean the bowl.

Can I install the toilet myself?

Yes. The first thing to note is that a two-piece toilet installation is simple. This toilet is two-piece, so you can quickly install it in your bathroom. Before you do that, make sure your rough-in measurement is 12 inches. This commode has a wax ring and a slow-close seat.

Other than the VorMax flushing system what other flushing systems does American Standard offer?

American Standard has a wider range of toilets that feature the most advanced flushing systems available. These include a dual flush system, pressure-assisted flush, and gravity-feed toilets. Some flushing systems can be noisy, while others are quiet

Final Thoughts

American Standard Vormax Plus toilets are best for those who don’t have the time or inclination to clean the toilet. The toilet has an automatic Vormax function which reduces the need to clean it. The toilet is extremely comfortable and features a flushing system that works efficiently. Clogs will soon be a distant memory.

The American Standard Vormax Plus is universally adjustable, so it can be used by everyone. The elongated bowl makes it easy to stand or sit down. This toilet will eliminate the need to clean your toilet every day. This American Standard Vormax Plus review article should have given you an idea of the toilet.

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