The Best Tension Shower Rod For Tile – Top-9 Options 2023

What is the best tension shower rod for tile? In the event that you’re in a bathtub or shower in your shower, water drips and spreads throughout the bathroom could be a hassle to clean and dry.

Here’s a collection of the best shower curtain rods that will assist you in keeping your bathroom tidy. Shower curtains can reduce the spread and splash of water while you take a bath. Shower curtain rods enable you to hang your curtain easily, without drilling holes into the wall. They must be strong enough to support any weight that the curtains may carry.

With a variety of sizes and styles available, picking the best shower curtain rod could be difficult. Therefore, take a look at the features and products listed in order to come up with a shrewd decision.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Shower Curtain Rod

Best Tension Shower Rod For Tile

Design is a key factor when choosing the perfect shower curtain rod to fit your bathroom. The ease of installation and the long-term durability are the top priorities as well.


The majority of curtains for showers have straight rods and are attached to the wall of the shower. However, different shapes are offered for a variety of tub and shower designs. The L-shaped, square, and round shower curtain rods are offered for freestanding showers as well as open bathtub/shower combos. Double rods include two rods in parallel that are used for an outer rod that is an attractive shower curtain and an inside rod for the liner that is waterproof. Other shower curtain rods have an outward bow which adds a bit of space to the interior of the tub/shower unit.


Shower rods are generally constructed of plastic and metal. Make sure you choose a rod that is durable and matches the decor of your bathroom. Most shower curtain rods made from metal are coated with a water-resistant coating, which helps to minimize corrosion and rust risk. Rods made of plastic have come an extended way, however, they’re still not as strong as rods made of metal. Use them for shower curtains.

Bathroom Decor

The bathroom is usually the tiniest room in the house, which means anything that is “off” in the design can stick out like an unwelcome thumb. Even a simple shower curtain rod that’s not blending into the decor of the bathroom can make the bathroom look very unbalanced. Metal rods come in a variety of finishes including stainless steel, brass aluminum, brass, and copper. Make sure to ensure that you match the shower curtain rod to the color of your shower tap, shower head, and shower caddy. If they are chrome, like the one above the shower curtain rod needs to be as well.

Tension in comparison to Mounted

Shower curtain rods are installed by tension or on a mount. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages.

  • Tension The tension rod is sometimes referred to as a “spring-loaded rod,” or “spring-loaded rod” and requires two walls, which is a typical arrangement for shower stalls as well as tubs/showers. A sturdy spring inside the rod generates pressure to keep the rod in its place. A lot of tension rods can be adjusted. The rod’s ends are twisted in opposite directions can lengthen or reduce the rod to fit in different spaces. The caps at the ends of tension rods are generally covered in nonslip rubber. They can be used to hold shower curtains that can weigh around 20 pounds. Tension rods are ideally designed for fiberglass and tile showers, in which case you may not be able to drill into the walls to install the rod. You may also think about using a tension rod if do not reside in the home, and you want to keep from drilling into walls.
  • Mounted: Shower curtain rods that are straight, and mounted can be adjusted to accommodate the space between shower walls. The dimensions of rods shaped are, however, fixed. Shower curtain rods mounted on a wall can support weights of curtains as high as 25 to 30 pounds.


Tension shower rods are the most simple to set up. Turn the rod until approximately an inch more than what is between the walls. Then pull one side to the right to lengthen the rod before slipping it onto the wall.

The rods that are mounted are tricky as you must make holes in the walls before installing the mounts. If you’re proficient with a drill and measuring tape or level (for making sure the bar is level) installing the shower curtain rod is a simple DIY project. If you’re not confident mounting a rod or a tension rod, a tension rod is the best option. Both rods are strong enough to support the majority of shower curtains.

4 Best Shower Rods to Use on Tile Walls Fast Picks

Top Shower Rods to Use on Tile Walls

1. Tension Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod by Zenna Home

Zenna Home

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The rod from Zenna Home seems really easy to put up, since the only thing it requires is for the homeowner to adjust it, and then twist the edges to fit it on the wall. It’s fast to leave the walls clean with no scratch marks. It is able to hold a fair amount of weight and could use to dry clothes.

In certain instances, there could be problems that the rod is bent slightly when the weight is concentrated in the middle, but overall the product will leave purchasers satisfied, mainly due to its reasonable price. Remember that to ensure it is properly attached to your wall, you must increase the tension of the mechanism as much as you can, or it may fall down.

The curtains move with no trouble, however, they can scratch the chromed material a little and they must be handled with care.

  • It’s not as costly as other items you can find online.
  • Though it’s inexpensive, however, it’s certainly not an inexpensive craft.
  • It’s easy to install. Although tightening the rod may be a lengthy process, once you have it set up, it will be able to hold a substantial quantity of mass.
  • It is susceptible to bending when excessive weight is placed close to the center.
  • When tightening the rod, could be a bit tedious.
  • The rod can be susceptible to scratches due to use and wear.

2. BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rods 42-72 Inches


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Available in two sizes to be able to fit bathtub/shower surrounds or shower stalls The BRIOFOX adjustable stainless Shower Curtain Rod is made of steel. It has a sturdy extension spring that can support the weight of up to 30 lbs.

Product Specs
  • Type: Tension rod
  • The material is stainless steel is also the brushed nickel
  • Shape: Straight

There are no tools required to install the rod. There are only walls to place the rod. Twist the rod’s ends in opposite directions to lengthen or reduce the rod. The shower curtain rod from BRIOFOX has rubber caps on the ends that will not slide over walls and won’t cause scratches. It is suitable for fiberglass, tile, and painted walls.

  • Multiple finishes available
  • Solid Support
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • Will not slide, or leave scratches
  • Could lose its hold with time

3. IDesign Cameo Adjustable Curtain Rod

IDesign Cameo Adjustable Curtain Rod

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It’s a flexible and practical curtain rod that’s perfect to be used in shower stalls, bathrooms as well as bathtubs. The matte black color is a perfect match perfectly with almost every color scheme or design. To set up, just turn, stretch, then place in place, then tighten. Your curtain rod is now ready to use without the need for extra hardware.

Its curtain rod can be adjusted between 43 and 75 inches which makes it easy to install at multiple places within your home.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Non-slip rubber feet with a coating
  • Elegant and durable
  • Steel construction that is resistant to rust
  • You may feel that it is a little too light

4. Shower Curtain Tension Rod by Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics

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Curtain shower rods from Amazon are available in a variety of shades and provide users the possibility to alter their length to adapt them to the surroundings and give a sturdy enough grip. There are some unusual issues regarding the sizing of the rod, however, it is possible that some customers were given a rod that was shorter than what they were expecting.

The curtain is lightweight and may not be able to support the weight of other curtains on the market, however, it performs in the way it was intended to and doesn’t create the most hassle in installation. The curtain may look and feel expensive at first however, once it’s installed correctly it’s sure to please customers. Its design is appealing and suitable for all bathrooms. It’s great for showers with tiles!

The six sizes (24-36′ 36-54′ 36-62 42-72 54-90” and the 78-108″) and five finish options (Classic Rings, Bell, Tiers, Dots) provide enough options for nearly every size and style of tub or shower.

  • Color options let owners select the tone they prefer.
  • The rod appears nice and can be easily adapted to most surfaces, even those that have ripples.
  • This is an Amazon Basics product, which generally provides good customer support should anything go wrong.
  • Problems with sizing can result in ordering the item an arduous job.
  • It’s not strong enough and is likely to fall under pressure.

5. BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod

BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod

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The easy installation with no tools Tension Shower Curtain made by Bino and the adjustable lengths of 42-72 inches with simple twisting mechanisms make this shower rod that is affordable the best choice.

While it is able to stand in its own position when placed on the tiles, you may require a small amount of Velcro on the edges to prevent it from sliding. However, it gives off an elegant look and feels excellent as shower curtains. There are instances of rusting, however, it shouldn’t pose any problems regarding this matter, even after months of use.

  • Quality product with a stylish design.
  • Made from steel, this ensures it is rust-free with continuous water flow around the rod.
  • It can hold enough weight if it is set up properly.
  • It costs about 10 dollars more than the standard product, however many people consider it to be worth the price.
  • The company appears to not be particularly responsible for complaints. This could turn out to be a problem if something goes wrong during the purchase.
  • There is a documented case of rust but it appears to be isolated and shouldn’t be taken as a fact.

6. SIKAIQI L Shaped Shower Curtain Rod

Sikaiqi Rod

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This Sikaiqi Rod for shower curtains that are shaped like an L is fully installed to provide the strongest alternative, or hung using brackets made of glue that can be used to support the rod’s ends.

Product Specs
  • Type: Mounted
  • The material: Stainless steel
  • Shape: L-shaped

The reliable shower curtain rod does not necessitate the use of additional support for the ceiling, as many L-shaped rods require. The rod allows users to hang one curtain instead of a split curtain that requires ceiling support. The corrosion- and rust-proof rod is suitable for all kinds and styles of shower walls.

  • Sturdy design
  • One curtain is all you need.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Numerous installation options
  • Installation involves more

7. Teeck Shower Curtain Rod

Teeck Shower Curtain Rod

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Modern flexible, durable, and versatile This curtain rod checks many of the boxes. Made from stainless steel of the highest quality and with an elegant silver hue, this curtain rod features an adjustable length between 50 and 91 inches. It is suitable for many areas in the home, including the living area, bathrooms bedrooms, balconies, and bathrooms.

The product is rust-proof making sure safety and dependability in mind. It is able to be easily installed without the need for additional tools, hardware, or drilling. It doesn’t matter if it’s a necessary shower curtain or an elegant drape that you’d like to show off this rod made of metal is an excellent choice.

  • A high-pressure spring is built in to prevent sliding
  • Silicone non-slip chassis
  • The weight capacity can be as high as 22 pounds
  • Easy to wash and non-corrosive
  • There are times when the center of the rod is susceptible to bend slightly

8. PrettyHome Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

PrettyHome Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

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If you’re searching for the perfect shower rod for your shower with a curving design or your sleek round bathtub Your search is over. Made from high-quality aluminum, this rod can be expanded or adjusted to suit your personal bathroom decor. It can provide as much as 9 inches of additional elbow space as well as shower space.

The curved design wraps around the bathtub, increasing space while ensuring a pleasant bathing experience. This product includes mounting brackets and screws to provide an enduring, secure solution to your needs for styling.

  • Adjustable between 38 and 72 inches
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • You may consider the shower rod to be a little shiny

9. Ivilion Spring Tension Curtain Rod

Ivilion Spring Tension Curtain Rod

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Are you looking to create a stylish bathroom or living space are you searching for the perfect curtain rod to complete the style? This flexible curtain rod comes with an exquisite brass finish and is a sleek contemporary design that can make any room look more attractive within your home.

The curtain rod can be used to use indoors as a shower rod, as well as window curtains or room dividers for outdoor use. The robust springs and sturdy rods keep them from sliding, and the non-scratch mount makes this rod an ideal choice for those who are looking for a quick and stylish solution.

  • Flexible length range from 54-90 inches
  • It is easy to install with no tools
  • A durable, rust-proof finish
  • Non-slip rubber mount
  • It is available in seven colors
  • The color of the rod might differ slightly from the photo

How We Chose the Best Shower Curtain Rods

How We Chose the Best Shower Curtain Rods

Shower curtain rods that are of the highest quality are easy to set up and remain there for a long time without slipping. They are made of sturdy materials and come with the perfect finishes to go with fixtures in the bathroom and decor. Our selection of the top choices will cover the major kinds that shower rods available to consumers and give a wide range of options for designing the material, size, and style of installation.

We have made sure that we include many products that have rods that can be adjusted since showers are available in a variety of sizes, which means that the majority of our suggestions can be adapted to all sizes. The top selections are available in a minimum of two finishes that match the most popular finishes for bathroom fixtures such as nickel, chrome, and black: brass, chrome, and many more.

When we conducted our research, we took a look at the installation process and materials, to wrap up a variety of high-quality materials that are easy to set up, with choices for rods for tension as well as rods that are more permanently mounted.

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The Best Tension Shower Rod For Tile Our Verdict

If you are looking for a straightforward but durable shower curtain rod think about using the BrIOFOX Shower Curtain Rod that is available with a variety of finishes to complement the bathroom fixtures you already have. If you feel that space isn’t enough within your bathroom, make extra space by using a curving rod such as that of the Zenna The Home NeverRust Double Curved Shower Rod. This double rod could be used to hold the shower curtain and also make a fantastic spot for hanging towels.


Do tension shower rods work on tile?

Tension rods work designed for tile and fiberglass showers in which case you may not be able to drill holes into the walls to install the rod.

How do you get a tension shower rod to stay on the tile?

The caps of tension rods are usually constructed from plastic, but even the rubber caps are incompressible, so smooth, damp surfaces like fiberglass or tile aren’t able to support them. It is possible to fix this by applying a rubber shelf lining material to the rod’s ends with solid glue, such as 2-part epoxy, or even contact cement.

Why does my shower tension rod keep falling off?

If the shower curtain rod continues to fall to the floor, it’s not properly installed. If you’re using tension rods it is possible to raise your rod’s tension using a twist to increase it. If it’s not slipping and you’re not sure if it’s time to add support. If the rod isn’t able to stay in position, you might need to strengthen it.

What is better curved or straight shower rod?

A shower rod that is curved can give you an additional 33% of space than a straight rod. This is due to the outward-facing bulging design which lets it curve into larger spaces from your bathroom to the shower space. It is possible to enjoy your freedom of movement in the shower without having to worry about staining the fabric with foam.

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