9 Best Japanese toilet – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to make the switch to a Japanese-style toilet? As opposed to the usual toilet paper’s chafing effects, Japanese bidets are a wish that comes true. Many who have experienced the joy in the firsthand experience of a trip to Japan will never look back. What is the top Japanese Toilet brand? The best brand on the Japanese toilet market is Toto. But, it also implies Toto is also the most expensive. Toto models are among the most expensive. In this post, I’ll discuss the top 9 Japanese seats and toilets that offer the best value for the price.

There are both high-end and budget-friendly choices. Before we start it’s crucial to know the fact that Japanese toilets can be described as the exact things as bidets. They’re usually described as bidet-toilet combination or bidet attachments, bidet seats, or washouts. The main difference is that toilets come with bidets in their seats, while bidet seats attach to the toilet you already have, and attach to the toilet seat you already have.

The Best Japanese Toilet Reviews


I arranged the reviews below starting with the most luxurious option and moving down to the most affordable and “best value” option. As I’ve mentioned before If you’re brand new to bidets, you may think about the budget alternatives first. Once you’ve established that you are comfortable with having one, you can move on to the next step.

In addition to our opinions about each model, we also discuss the pros and pros and cons of owning. Always consider the pros and cons before purchasing a toilet or seat. So, you’ll know exactly what you can be expecting.

TOTO Neorest NX2 (MS901CUMFX#01)

best japanese toilet

Neorest NX2 Neorest NX2 is the most advanced Japanese-style toilet currently on the market. It is more expensive than a car that is decent. Does it really worth the cost? The answer is debatable, but when you’re looking for high-end luxury and have the money for it, it’s certainly worth the price. The main feature in the NX2 which makes it superior in comparison to that of the NX1 can be found in the Actillight sanitizing process.


Toilet Type -Elongated One-Piece Toilet

Dimensions (in.) -10 x 10 x 10 inches

Material -Cotton

Shape -‎Oblong

Item Weight -158.7 pounds

The new ACTILIGHT system introduces bacteria-neutralizing ultraviolet light and a titanium dioxide-fired toilet bowl for ultimate bowl cleanliness. If you’re looking to keep your bowl clean enough for you to take food off of at all times is definitely something to think about. With the price increase from NX1 and NX2, The ACTILIGHT System is quite a lot.

In addition to that upgrade Apart from that, the NX2 is loaded with everything you need to know about. It’s the only thing that can’t perform is tax preparation So don’t let go of your accountant yet. Toto’s EWATER+ technology includes a heated seat with unlimited warm water, and auto-close/open lid, and a warm-air dryer. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking to invest in the NX2 it could be a long time to explore all the features that it has to offer.

It’s a fact that this is the most luxurious Japanese toilet available. Toto is also backed by its Neorest range with a standard three-year warranty that is a joy to look at when you consider the initial cost.

  • The most modern features of any toilet that is a bidet in the world
  • A lid that opens and closes automatically as well as a remote to provide a completely hands-free experience
  • Toto’s latest ACTILIGHT system makes sure that the bowl is spotless and free of germs at all times.
  • The most appealing design of Japanese-style toilets.
  • An adjustable sprayer that completely eliminates the requirement to use TP (hard to locate)
  • ADA compatible is an ADA-compliant toilet that is a suitable toilet for senior citizens.
  • Skirted and rimless for simple cleaning
  • The highest upfront cost

WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Smart Bidet Seat Toilet – Best Overall

best japanese toilets
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S 1.28 GPF Single Toilet with Intelligent Smart Bidet Seat and Wireless Remote Control, Flush, Open and Auto Close, White
  • ✅ [ADA Compliant Toilet]: Features 17-1/8" height from floor to seat. comfortable height seating, it makes visiting the toilet to be more comfort as there is less strain sitting on or standing up.
  • ✅ [TOTALLY HYGIENIC]: Posterior wash, Feminine wash, Pulsating wash, Adjustable water pressure, hygienic filtered water
  • ✅ [AUTOMATIC FLUSH]: the seat will activate the self-cleaning bidet/spray wand and follow by a powerful flush on your departure for hands-free operation
  • ✅ [AUTO OPEN AND CLOSED]: Smart toilet features begin as you approach the toilet. The lid automatically opens hands-free to welcome you.
  • ✅ [AIR PURIFICATION]: The deodorizer effectively cleans the air around the toilet using powerful air filters. Air is drawn in, passing through an ionized Carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odors.

It could be a bit odd to us that our most-loved Japanese toilet is made through an American company however, to be precise, we are talking about Japanesestyletoilets. design toilets. That’s a reference to heated seats, concealed tanks and washlets, deodorizers, and other attractive unique features, not just toilets produced in Japan. Actually, the process of buying them from Japan can be expensive.


Toilet Type -Elongated One-Piece Toilet

Water Usage -Quiet and powerful Siphonic 1.6 GPF/1.0 GPF dual flushing

Dimensions (in.) -‎32 x 19 x 26 inches

Warranty Description -‎1 Year limited to be free of defects in material and workmanship

Item Weight -‎114.8 pounds

The California-based Woodbridge Bath is the US company that best embodies the Japanese design and innovation in bathroom technology. Its B0960S intelligent toilet includes all the features you could want with hands-free operation. It also has an electronic bidet control that will oscillate to massage your back, and even a heated seat air dryer and deodorizer. It even has the option of a night light and it has its own tech support staff.

The best toilets can’t be ideal, but they aren’t. If you opt for this type of toilet beware of a few issues with the hose rings made of wax The one supplied needs to be tightened prior to use or else water could spill across the flooring.

  • Huge range of special features
  • Seat warming stands out
  • Flushes extremely well
  • Automatic systems work great
  • Included wax ring doesn’t always form a good seal

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat – Best Value

toilet seat
Brondell S1400-EW Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat in Elongated White with Dual Stainless-Steel Nozzle Clean+, Endless Water-Warm Air Dryer-Nightlight
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WASH: Programmable user settings and one-touch auto mode deliver the most hygienic bathroom experience at the touch of a button. Create your ideal bathroom experience with endless combinations from this home bidet.
  • EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE: Technology never felt so clean. This electronic bidet features an endless warm water spray, heated seat, warm air dryer, nozzle oscillation, replaceable deodorizer, and a cool blue illuminating nightlight.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This bidet toilet seat measures 20.43” x 15.2” x 5.75” and comes with a 3.5’ power cord making it convenient to reach an outlet. With a few simple steps, it's easy to self-install in under an hour—no plumbers necessary!
  • DESIGNED FOR THE MODERN NORTH AMERICAN BATHROOM: This bidet’s sleek shape blends seamlessly into both your bathroom decor and bathroom habits. The hidden pocket conceals water and power connections and the contoured lid looks modern and refined on any toilet.
  • WE ARE BRONDELL: Join the Wash Don’t Wipe Revolution! Since 2003, Brondell has been making bidets that give you that fresh, clean, and hygienic feeling after you “go”. Plus, each bidet is eco-friendly. The Swash 1400 comes with a 3-year warranty.

Are you thinking that you must spend four bucks on a Japanese toilet? It’s possible to find out that’s not the case. It’s the Brondell Swash 1400 is the top Japanese toilet that you can afford and gives you Shibuya fashion at a budget cost.

Brondell’s toilet seat is able to fit perfectly on any toilet with an elongated bowl and can be put in by an amateur within one hour. The additional options include a customizable bidet wash, a built-in deodorizer, and a heated seat. We really appreciate the variety of designs and sizes of water sprays It’s got plenty of combinations to make sure you’ll get the one that you like.

Like our pick for value for this model, the Brondell seat isn’t quite at the heights of the Woodbridge seat at number one. It’s a chair, not a complete toilet, and it won’t work with all toilets, particularly the standard round ones. The hardware is also sufficient that you’ll end up sitting slightly further forward in the toilet bowl than you’d prefer.

  • Cheap, especially when secondhand
  • Comfy, elongated bowl
  • A wide range of bidet choices
  • A seat is all you need only, not the entire toilet
  • The seat is a little far away

Kohler K-5402R-0 Veil Wall-hung Intelligent Toilet

best japanese toilets
KOHLER 5402-0 Veil Intelligent Wall-Hung Toilet, White
  • One-piece wall-hung toilet with integrated cleansing functionality
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
  • Mounting hardware is completely Concealed for sleek looks and easy cleaning
  • Dual flush offers a choice of 0.8 or 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf)
  • Stainless steel wand offers adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate, and oscillate functions

The next thing to follow Toto is Kohler and calling the Veil K-5402R0 the “next best thing” is really a bit ridiculous. Why? because this Japanese toilet is just amazing. In contrast to the Toto NX2 and the Veil is a wall-hung tank that is a part of the wall. It is evident that you will require a professional plumber to set up this work of art.

Every single component is concealed which makes cleaning an easy task. The only drawback to selecting Veil Veil in place of NX2 is the bidet feature. There are no comparable amount of amenities as the NX2, nor is the Veil provide the more advanced EWATER+ or ACTILIGHT systems. If you take into account that the Veil costs around 1/3 of the cost as of the article, it’s worth a take a look at those who are put off by an expensive toilet.

With the Veil K-5402R-0, you will get the most relevant high-end features, like an auto-open/close lid, fully adjustable stainless steel bidet wand, and a warm air-dryer as well as an automatic deodorizer. It also comes with an actuator plate and remote that operates with no touch. Additionally, Kohler offers a longer warranty of five years, compared to Toto’s 3-year warranty for the NX models of its toilets.

  • A skirt and wall hanging for easy cleaning
  • A longer period of warranty than Toto
  • Significantly cheaper than Toto’s top-of-the-line toilets.
  • Provides hands-free operation by using the included actuator plate and touchscreen LCD remote
  • LED nightlights for those late-night possible trips
  • You may like the bidet made of stainless steel wands within Kohler Japanese toilets over common plastic wands.
  • There are fewer self-cleaning functions such as Toto washlets and toilets. Washlets
  • Not as striking as the Toto NX2

TOTO WASHLET+ Carlyle II Toilet (MW6142044CEFG#01)

world's largest toilet manufacture
TOTO MW6142044CEFG#01 WASHLET+ Carlyle II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet and WASHLET C200 Bidet Seat, Cotton White
  • WASHLET+ bidet seat and toilet, specially designed to conceal the WASHLET water supply and power cord
  • PREMIST- using incoming water supply, a misting of the toilet bowl is performed before each use to help prevent waste from adhering
  • Front and rear warm water washing with five adjustable temperature and pressure controls. Oscillating or pulsing stream option.Trap Seal:2-1/8 inch
  • Heated seat and warm air dryer with five variable settings|Automatic air deodorizer removes odors while sitting on the seat
  • 1.28 gallons per flush TORNADO FLUSH system with CEFIONTECT glaze to reduce bowl friction

Let’s get back to Earth. Toto Washlet+ Carlyle II Toto Washlet+ Carlyle II is the most affordable Japanese toilet available today. Toto makes a selection of washlet+ toilets which can be described as Toto standard toilets that have the Toto Washlet that is attached. The primary benefit is that you can get a high-end Toto toilet and washlet. Because Toto is the maker of the finest Japanese Toilet seats as well as toilets, it is logical to try their first models like their Carlyle II.

At a significantly lower cost in comparison to the NX2, You still get an excellent bidet. You can certainly cut some money off by selecting a brand that is budget-friendly however, it will not be as good as Toto. Toto. Carlyle II Carlyle II gives you two choices. First, you can select between 1.0 as well as 1.28 GPF. As of the time of writing the 1.0 model costs a little more.

Another alternative is to select the bidet seat model. There are currently options of Toto’s C100 Washlet, up to the top-of-the-line S350e model. This is really exciting because you have the choice to completely customize the toilet to be able to fit it within your budget. Another benefit is that you are aware the bidet seat is suitable for the bathroom, meaning you won’t face compatibility issues as you would with seats for an existing toilet.

  • Flexible options that can be customized to meet any budget
  • The Toto toilet is specifically created to hide the water line for the bidet seat and power cord
  • The Tornado flushing mechanism ensures there aren’t any stragglers after each BM
  • Front and rear hot water washing is ideal for families, couples and even families
  • The Toto sprayer’s pressure eliminates the requirement for TP
  • Deodorizer air-conditioned, heated seats, and pre-mist spray to provide the ultimate experience for a low cost
  • The reverse of the Washlet is high.
  • Not the ideal choice for people who weigh more than a pound (maybe a little cramped)

Ove Decors 735H SMART TOILET

japanese style toilets


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The Quebec-based Ove Decors is also jumping into the smart toilet market and is launching a model that has all the Japanese-inspired features we’re looking for. The latest features like heated toilet seats, hand-free operating, and night light fixtures are available as of now however Ove 735H Ove 735H (also known as”The “Saga”) still has distinct features.

The control panel for the in-bowl is one of our favorite controls and is an ideal choice for those who are disabled in mobility: everything is easily accessible. It also balances effective self-cleaning while requiring very little consumption of water.

If we were to critique the 735H/Saga in any way, we’d say that the manual for users is not user-friendly, considering that it’s not translated well from Chinese. Also, there’s an unforgivably long delay in a number of auto-features, including the flush feature, which can take as long as 10 seconds.

  • A wide variety of Japanese-style features
  • Control panel for users that is user-friendly
  • Needs minimal cleaning
  • Instruction manuals that are not up to date
  • Slow automation

Bio Bidet Slim ONE Smart Japanese Toilet Seat

rear warm water washing


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The Bio Bidet Slim is without a doubt among the most inexpensive Japanese toilet accessory we’ve reviewed to date. It’s priced at a totally different price point than the majority of our reviews. There’s also an argument for it not being our choice for our most valuable.

There’s a lot to appreciate about this chair. The warm water source is unparalleled — the bidet is able to spray hot water for up to 60 minutes. It’s constructed well and can be fitted onto any toilet bowl that is elongated without complaints. Although it’s not built inside a toilet, the nozzle is extremely placed.

The issue is the life span. After six to one year of usage, Some Bio Bidet Slim models stop producing water and require a prod to come back to life. While the product is covered with a guarantee, however, it’s never long enough. In addition, some customers have complained that the company forced them to return the seat for repairs.

  • The longest hot water heater we’ve ever seen
  • It is a perfect match for bowls with an extended length.
  • Great nozzle geometry
  • Certain products stop working after 6-12 months.
  • Warranty claims are difficult to prove

Luxe Bidet best Japanese toilet

jet flushing system
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If you’re in search of inexpensive but high-quality Japanese bathroom seats Luxe Luxe name is the one to consider. In our top 10 list, they make some cheapest Japanese toilets. Luxury bidets make non-electric bidet attachment toilets, which are the most affordable type of toilet that is Japanese-style.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Non-Electric Bidet toilet attachment is one of the products you could try from this company. While it’s not an authentic Japanese bathroom, the toilet does provide the features needed that will give you the Japanese bidet for those who are new to the experience.

It’s compatible with all toilets and is fairly easy to install. It also comes with control knobs that work well and is easily adjusted. It’s a self-cleaning spray that provides luxury for a low cost.

Furthermore, the product is constructed of top-quality plastic that will last for a long time. It also decreases the use of toilet paper and features an impressive cleaning system. Because it doesn’t require electricity, it’s durable.

  • All toilets are compatible and simple to install
  • The sleek design barely elevates the seat you already have
  • Pressure sufficient to remove the requirement of TP (this is an essential thing to search for at this price point since the majority of attachments do not offer this)
  • The knobs operate well for smooth adjustments
  • Only cold water
  • Leak reports being considered
  • The pressure could be too much for you.

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat

adjustable heated seat
SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilets with Remote Control- Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer and Temperature Controlled Wash Functions (White) Made in Korea
  • Multi-wash functions with self-cleaning nozzle & oscillation: for her front, her back, his back
  • Adjustable water pressure (5 levels), water temperature (3 levels) & nozzle positions (5 levels)
  • Heated seat (3 levels) with safety on/off skin sensor which activates bidet only when seated
  • Warm air dryer, adjustable to 5 levels, which eliminates the need for toilet paper
  • Energy saving mode, Soft closing lid and seat, Easy to install

Created by a Korean company known as SMARTBIDET, The SmartBidet SB-1000 is an electronic smart seat that is simple to set up with the power source. It comes with front and backwashing and the ability to adjust the temperature, pressure, and nozzle orientation, as well as the capacity for weight, which is 330 pounds.

The reasonable cost is an impressive aspect that is also a reliable remote control. In the majority of cases, it is just another method to clean your buttWith so many unique bidets available it is important to be amazed by something. SmartBidet did not come up with something that was out of the norm.

The extremely long life span is a huge positive. The SB-1000 will last for several years without losing power.

  • Price at the budget
  • Front-and-rear wash
  • A long-lasting and durable product with a capacity to carry weight
  • Uninteresting aesthetically
  • Weak air dryer
  • The front cleanser can malfunction before the rest of the toilet.

Topics & Questions

Do Japanese toilets worth the price?

One advantage of Japanese warm baths can be convenience. The air conditioning comes with an insulated seat as well as a private bathroom. The toilet can be customized with a user-friendly wireless control panel.

What kind of toilets does Japan utilize?

Japanese toilets are divided into three distinct categories. There’s a washiki toilet Yoshiki toilet (West-type toilet) and Takin-tires (multifunction toilets) in addition to the. The location of the toilet will determine whether there are traditional Japanese toilets in older sites and even buildings.

What is the best way to purchase a Japanese-style toilet?

What are the prices Japanese toilettes set you back? The smart toiletry available in Japan is higher than toilet seats. A basic Toto washing bag is priced at around $2,000 while the most sophisticated products cost about 10000. The installation would take out any plumbing or toilet that is in use to be replaced with a different one.

What are the rules for using the Japanese-style toilet?

The sheer number of buttons that are on the Japanese bidet seat could be intimidating for Americans who aren’t familiar with any bathroom equipment more complex than porcelain. The learning curve isn’t nearly as long as it seems, however.
Each model is unique however the three settings that you’ll need to alter are the temperature, pressure, and the angle of your bidet. We suggest starting with the lowest pressure and warm temperature, then adjusting the angle until you get it just the right angle (trust us, we’ll tell you)

Final Thoughts on Japanese-Style Toilets

A bidet accessory is as expensive as an entire case of beer. However, the most luxurious toilets can cost more than your vehicle.

The most important you can try is to try a basic bidet before going up to more expensive Japanese toilets. The final thing you’d like to spend money on is a costly toilet only to discover in the future that you would rather have toilet paper.

Below are the most important aspects to consider when searching for the most effective Japanese toilet:

  • Sprayers with adjustable nozzles for comfortable female and rear washing
  • Systems for self-cleaning and sanitation
  • Auto-open/close lid
  • Remote control
  • Heating seat with adjustable thermostat
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable settings
  • Automated deodorizer
  • There is a lot of pressure to remove the TP out of your life (after all one of the most significant advantages of owning one is the cost savings)
  • Unlimited hot water to wash your clothes
  • Nightlight

When you think about what features are important to you, picking your bathroom becomes much more simple. Some people think that luxury features are unnecessary and others cannot live without them.

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