7 Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks + Buying Guide 2023

What is the best toilet paper for septic tanks? If you own a septic tank, making sure you use the correct toilet paper is essential for keeping your system clean. Toilet paper that isn’t broken down could build up and create blockages, which can result in an expensive and messy repair. Toilet paper that is safe for septic dissolves quickly and completely to avoid plumbing issues.

In addition to being safe for the system that is septic, you require your toilet paper soft, sturdy and enjoyable to use. Check out the characteristics you should look for in the top Toilet paper suitable for tanks with septic. You can also discover the best choices to keep your system free of clogs.

How To Identify The Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks?

7 Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks + Buying Guide 2022

You can find the most efficient toilet paper by performing an experiment of your own You need to learn a few basic concepts from the tips below.

  • Choose a clear container like a glass jar.
  • Fill the jar up to 3/4 capacity.
  • Place 4 or 5 parts of toilet paper into the bottle. You could try the experiment again using different kinds of toilet paper, including folded, flat, or wrapped.
  • The container should be shaken vigorously for about 10 seconds while keeping the cover closed.
  • Then you can be able to see how the quality of toilet paper has decreased.
  • If your toilet paper is in good working order it is possible to consider a brand-new one.
  • You’re using the safest septic toilet paper if the paper is broken into extremely small pieces.

Best Budget Option — Scott 1000 Toilet Paper

Scott 1000 Toilet Paper

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Finding septic-safe toilet paper is among the few situations where the least expensive options are the most effective. The use of Scott 1000 toilet paper is a great and cost-effective way to safeguard your septic system.

Although it’s not the most expensive alternative available This TP disintegrates amazingly quickly after being flushed. It’s virtually unaffected by blocking when properly used. It’s even considered safe for marine and RV toilets!

The toilet paper is completely biodegradable, produced using sustainable paper, and packed with recycled rolls of cardboard. Scott additionally offsets 100 percent of its US manufacturing using wind power.

Best 3-Ply Paper — Reel Toilet Paper

Reel Toilet Paper

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The majority of people who use septic are advised to use two-ply toilet paper at a minimum. If you are unable to give up that 3rd ply but the Reel toilet paper is among the most secure options.

The tree-free toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo and is packaged using no plastic. It’s not treated by chlorine bleach, fragrances, or dyes.

It’s true that this three-ply toilet paper is quite thick. Even though it’s certified to be biodegradable, however, it is not suggested for systems that are prone to clogs.

Best Roll-Less TP — Plushi Paper Septic-Safe Toilet Paper

Plushi Paper

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It’s difficult to imagine septic-safe toilet paper of the modern age available in any form other than in a roll. But, Plushi Paper offers exactly this.

Plushi Paper is toilet paper packed in a container like traditional facial tissue. The packaging helps reduce waste and increases accessibility which is a good choice for children who aren’t sure how much toilet paper they should use.

Although Plushi Paper is advertised as 4-ply, it’s 100 100% suitable for tanks that have septic systems. The thickness is comparable to a standard 2-ply TP roll. The toilet paper is safe to use on boats, in RVs, and also that have composting bathroom systems.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

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When it concerns toilet paper most households attempt to strike a balance between comfort, cost, and efficiency. You can enjoy a smooth, effective, and cost-effective cleaning with Angel Soft Toilet Paper. Angel Soft aims to strike the perfect balance between strength and softness without spending a fortune. Every two-ply sheet has its “Softshield” layers that provide an extra-soft feel.

The Angel Soft toilet paper is denser than the other one-ply options that give it a more supple and softer feeling. It’s also flushable and safe for septic in septic systems that are well-maintained. This package comes with 36 mega rolls, with 425 sheets per roll which are four times more than Angel Soft’s normal rolls, allowing them to last longer between maintenance.

Best TP for RVs — Nature’s Call Bamboo Toilet Paper

Nature’s Call Bamboo RV Toilet Paper isn’t only suitable for septic systems at home. It’s also suitable for use in conjunction with marine and RV toilets in the middle of nowhere.

Although it’s common to forget about this simple type of 2-ply biodegradable toilet papers, it’s frequently hailed as one of the most toilet papers that dissolve. The paper is extremely strong in comparison to its thickness. The fact that it’s not made from pulp from trees is the cherry on top of sustainability!

The only drawback to this toilet paper that is safe for a septic system is the fact that it is in plastic.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Seventh Generation

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Apart from being more beneficial for the environment In addition to being greener, recycled toilet paper can also be an excellent choice for the septic system. This kind of toilet paper can break down more easily, which can help prevent problems with septic systems.

Seventh Generation White Recycled Paper is constructed from 100% recycled paper wrapped in a 100 percent recyclable wrapper. With no colors, inks, scents, or chlorine bleach This paper leaves a greener footprint. The two-ply sheets are sturdy and soft to ensure effective cleaning. This package includes 24 rolls that have 24 sheets per. The sheets are safe to be used in low-flow toilets camping, RVs, campers, and even in home sewer systems.

Best Subscription Service — Cloud Paper

Cloud Paper

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If you’re searching for toilet paper that is septic-safe and could “set aside and never forget about,” what better way to test a subscription program similar to the one Cloud Paper?

Although Cloud Paper boasts a 3-ply structure, the bamboo paper is not so thick that it will not cause issues in the normal septic system. (Of course, you’ll need to consider something that is even thinner when your system is likely to be difficult to work with!)

As we’ve already had already mentioned, this environmentally friendly TP is accessible via an auto-subscription. You can sign up to receive fresh rolls that are not packaged with plastic on a regular basis and do not ever run out.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

The ultra-plush septic-safe toilet paper can appear luxurious and soft, but it’s usually not the ideal choice as a material for the septic tank because it takes longer to disintegrate. One of the primary qualities to be looking for is the ability to dissolve easily, which can stop the paper from building up and leading to blockages within the system. Below are the qualities to look for in toilet paper that are safe for septic systems.

Dissolves Quickly

Dissolvability is among the primary characteristics to look for in toilet paper that is septic-safe. Toilet paper that is septic-safe is usually designated as such because it disintegrates in a manner that is sufficient for most toilets to be able to handle. To make sure you are sure, test the toilet paper by mixing a couple of sheets in a large container of water, and watching how quickly it dissolves.

Although they may not be labeled as biodegradable and recycled, this toilet paper is also likely to be safe for septic systems due to the way they are produced. Septic-safe toilet paper that is recycled has a higher chance of being completely dissolvable because it’s typically made from shorter, recycled fibers that break faster than the long, sturdy fibers that are used in the new toilet paper.

Although all septic-safe toilet paper is biodegradable, biodegradable toilet paper is more efficient in breaking down than regular rolls. This type of toilet paper uses less water in breaking down and will take less space in the toilet tank after it’s dissolving.


Septic tanks are home to anaerobic bacteria which help to break down the waste. A variety of common chemicals, such as bleach solvents, solvents, as well as some cleaning products, could disrupt the delicate balance of the septic tank. This can affect the breakdown of waste.

This is why it’s advised to avoid chemically treated toilet paper. Because too much bleach could alter the process of decomposition, while toilet paper often bleached in order to achieve its white-colored toilet paper that chlorine-free is the better option.

Consider if you can go with biodegradable or recycled toilet paper. Another benefit of biodegradable or reused toilet paper is it will require fewer chemicals for processing and is, therefore, less likely to release harmful substances into your system.


Paper that is punctured or torn is unpleasant to use. Be sure to take into consideration the strength of your toilet paper which refers to how well the paper withstands tears when it’s wet. The best bathroom paper is one with sufficient wet strength that it can complete the task without tearing and has a lower strength than normal toilet paper, which breaks down rapidly after flushing.

One-ply and two-ply toilet papers are the most commonly used choices for use in septic systems Both are suitable. One-ply is less durable, however, it’s safer for septic tanks because it is thinner and dissolves the fastest. Two-ply toilet paper is more durable and comfortable to use and still safe for septic systems use. For many two-ply toilet paper is the best compromise between ease of use and dissolvability.


Toilet paper with a higher density tends to absorb more however, it can cause harm to a fragile system for septic. Avoid ultra-plush toilet paper that resembles the appearance of a paper towel rather than toilet paper. These toilet papers can be troublesome in dissolving.

While ultra-thick toilet paper is typically more porous and enjoyable to use, the paper could form a clump and not break down after being flushed.

When toilet paper begins to clump and collect it’s when the issues begin, and it could cause excessive buildup or begin blockage of the drainage. Instead, choose the septic-safe toilet paper that is sufficient in thickness to absorb however, it is designed to dissolve quickly after flushing.

Roll Size

Toilet paper is available in a range of roll sizes and comes in different brands, from normal to massive rolls. But, there’s no standard size with regard to toilet paper, which is why it’s crucial to look at other options to determine the cost-effectiveness of your purchase and find the ideal size for your needs.

The sheets on a roll can tell you if an item of toilet paper is worth the expense or not. Also, keep your eyes on the brand of toilet paper. the thickness and size of the sheets determine the number of sheets needed to make each wipe.

Be sure to consider the purpose and the space you have available when choosing the size of your roll. If you have a smaller toilet paper roll holder, limited available storage or you’re using toilet paper in an RV or vessel bathroom, then a less size is more suitable. If you’re planning to stock up on toilet paper for a bathroom with a high traffic count, a larger roll size might be more practical.


There is no one who enjoys using hard or rough toilet paper, particularly on a daily basis. For your convenience, pick septic-safe papers that are soft and easy to use.

Remember that some ultra-soft toilet paper does not work with the septic system. Although they are luxurious their plush surfaces are typically made of thick and long fibers which are likely to degrade faster than other types of toilet paper.

Instead, opt for safe toilet paper with a septic odor that is comfortable enough for everyday use, but not too soft that it will break down. Two-ply toilet paper can offer more comfort than single-ply models for use in the daytime.

Benefits of Recycled Toilet Paper

Benefits of Recycled Paper

Recycling toilet paper is an excellent choice since the fibers break down rapidly. This allows the recycled paper to degrade and not contribute to the buildup of sludge.

Recycling paper is also free of bleach. Bleach can harm the beneficial, natural bacteria that live in septic tanks. This could lead to a buildup of sludge. This can cause you to have your septic tank cleaned more frequently.

Benefits of Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Toilet paper that is biodegradable is an ideal choice to fill your tank with septic. Biodegradable toilet paper requires lesser water for breakdown, which allows the paper to dissolve more quickly within your tank. If it is dissolved rapidly, it breaks down into smaller pieces that don’t form a mass and damage your system.

The disadvantage of biodegradable paper for toilets is it’s not as soft and thick as the other types of toilet paper. It is also crucial to know that biodegradable toilet paper can be expensive.

Benefits of Non-Tree Toilet Paper

Septic-safe, more eco-friendly toilet paper alternatives are now available. If you’re in search of something that is more eco-friendly, be sure to look out for toilet paper that isn’t made by removing trees. While this isn’t a necessity for the sewer system but it’s useful since the kinds of bath tissue are easy to dissolve.

Sugar cane and bamboo are growing in popularity as alternatives to conventional toilet paper. The trees can take many years to grow. Bamboo can grow within three to four months. Bamboo is also an excellent toilet paper for septic safety since it’s a kind of grass. This means that it dissolves rapidly and without effort. It is safe for the surroundings and your septic system is an added benefit!

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Last Words!

We hope that you enjoyed the article. This article will discuss toilet paper that is septic-safe and must be used in bathrooms because of its numerous advantages. The types of toilet paper are safe, gentle on the skin, and as biodegradable.

They dissolve in the toilet quickly. This article provides an overview of almost 7 toilet paper types that are considered the most effective toilet paper safe for septic (best biodegradable toilet paper). Choose the one that is one for your needs from the list.

If you enjoyed our article We would appreciate it if you could let us know via the comment section below. This will allow us to understand your interests as well. Don’t forget to share your list of the best and worst toilet paper!

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What kind of toilet paper is best for septic tank?

Two-ply and one-ply toilet newspaper is the two most popular choices for septic system usage Both are suitable. One-ply toilet paper is weaker, but it’s more suitable for tanks that are septic because it is thinner and dissolves the fastest. Two-ply paper is generally more robust, comfortable to handle, and can still be safe for septic use.

Is Charmin toilet paper septic safe?

Is Charmin a septic-safe product? It is. Charmin is safe for septic use and rigorously tested to make sure it can be able to settle within a tank for septic and afterward undergo biodegradation within the tank.

Do you need special toilet paper for a septic tank?

Special Toilet Paper is best to use single-ply paper since it is broken through the system of septic more quickly and more efficiently than higher counts of toilet paper. Toilet paper should be biodegradable, recycled, or septic safe.

What brand of toilet paper dissolves the fastest?

A lot of people love Presto Toilet paper because it’s strong and soft. It’s also a good thing that it is very easy to dissolve so your pipes will be secure and your toilet won’t be blocked. It comes in 6 rolls, meaning that they are affordable.

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