5 Best Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Toilets are a crucial element of the human experience and when they don’t work they can cause a lot of stress for everyone. This is why it’s important to choose the top options for your home. An easy way to be sure you’re getting top quality is to choose the Glacier Bay brand from Home Depot.

They make a variety of toilets that range from basic to the most advanced. Whatever model you pick you can count on it to be accessible and to offer top performance and long-lasting. The majority of the time, the products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, or Israel and you can expect to pay cheaper prices.

What Makes The Glacier Bay Brand Popular?

With the many toiletries available it isn’t easy to make your mark. But, Glacier Bay has managed to do this without difficulty. It’s rare to find high-quality at a reasonable cost, like the one this brand provides.

It’s not just that, their designs are simple and minimalist that is attractive in any house, and come with parts that are easy to find. Their products are available in a variety of designs, too so that you can pick which one is most suitable for your home and family.

The advantages of having a Glacier Bay toilet are as the following:

  • A Simple Install Procedure: Most toilets come with a simple installation kit. The kit contains everything from the wax rings, to the bolts. It will ensure that you don’t need to seek extra assistance in order to install the toilet.
  • Water-efficient: The toilets fall in the category called smart toilets that control the flow of water. Most of the toilets within their range feature a dual flush system that can help you save water usage. Even single flush models come with an option to use a low flush to ensure you’re WaterSense certified.
  • Super Clean Flush Super Clean Flush: This is the toilet’s trademark flushing technology. The efficient flushing system flushes out large volumes of waste while avoiding obstructions. This is because it has a built-in jet flush system that moves everything through the pipeline.

Best Glacier Bay Toilets Reviewed

Let’s look at the top toilets from this underrated brand:

  • Glacier Bay N2316
  • Glacier Bay N2430E
  • Glacier Bay N2420
  • Glacier Bay N2428R
  • Glacier Bay N2442EB/N2442T

Glacier Bay N2316―Best ADA Compliant Toilet

most glacier bay toilets

Glacier Bay N2316 is the top contender to be included on the list of Glacier Bay toilets. The model is available in three stunning colors which are all on Home Depot. You can choose between white, black and an animal for the bathroom.

In addition to its aesthetics, the model is able to provide all the necessary attributes required for an ADA-compliant toilet. The comfort height is 16.5-inch which is ideal for both old and young users. People who are elderly or have mobility issues will also enjoy the bowl’s elongated shape. This is because it provides extra comfort to seating.

In terms of function, the toilet is an exemplary ten-to-ten rating. The first thing you should notice is the high-efficiency flushing mechanism, which cleans the bowl upon one flush.

Dual flush toilets can perform this function by controlling your use of water. You can choose from 1.1 or 1.6 GPF depending on the circumstance.

Other notable highlights include a scratch-proof vitreous china coating, as well as an easy to clean toilet bowl. The easy installation process through Quick Connect makes this toilet a lot easier to install as compared to other brands.

The only drawback is its size and the elongated bowl isn’t a good fit for the bathroom of a small space. Make sure you rough-in measurements prior to buying this model.

  • The sleek design of the toilet is available in three different shades ( black, white as well as bone).
  • A smart height of 16.5-inches and an elongated bowl to provide comfy seating.
  • A stain-resistant coating of china vitreous to ensure your toilet is protected from harm.
  • Water-effective dual flush mechanism (1.1 gpf/1.6 GPF).
  • ADA compliance.
  • The Quick Connect features make it much easier to install.
  • Not suitable for small bathroom spaces.

Glacier Bay N2430E―Best Water Smart Toilet

glacier bay toilet
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 If water conservation is your main concern when you are choosing a toilet there is no better option than The Glacier Two-Piece 1.0 GPF/1.28 GPF Dual Flush High-Efficiency model. Its double flush feature is located right on the top of the unit and is equipped with two buttons.

The smaller version uses 1 gallon of water for liquid flushes, and 1.28 to flush the entire system. That’s quite conservative even for this particular brand. As you can imagine, it more than fits within the requirements of being WaterSense-certified.

The chair measures 16.5 inches which is a little more than the norm and also makes it ADA-compliant for people who are unable to use the lower models comfortably. Overall, the chair is very attractive with its extended vitreous china toilet bowl and chrome-plated push buttons. Two-piece models are more difficult to keep clean however overall, it appears sleek and stylish.

Returning to the seat design, this is perhaps the most appealing aspect of the design, aside from its effectiveness. The extended bowl is great for both genders with extra room to prevent spills while also providing stability. 

  • A standard toilet design that will please your minimalist preferences.
  • Highly-efficient dual flush system (1.0 GPF or 1.6 GPF).
  • Comfort Height of 16.5 inches for disabled and elderly users.
  • Conforms to ADA standards.
  • Includes the complete hardware kit.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Not made for compact bathroom designs.

Glacier Bay N2420―Best Budget-Friendly Toilet

glacier bay toilet
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Its Glacier Bay 1-Piece High-Efficiency Dual Elongated Toilet with Flush is among the top one-pieces I’ve seen and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. One of the main reasons it is among the top choices is because of how small the unit is, even for an Elongated model. If you’re in a tight space but are looking for a comfortable and spaciously comfortable, I cannot recommend this model highly enough. Even if you’ve got plenty of space, you’ll be able to appreciate the durability and contemporary design the toilet provides.

Made from white vitreous china You can count on its quality to last for all the time you’d like it to. Instant to cracking, fading, and scratches This is the ideal choice when you have children or pets in your home. The smooth, elegant curves provide a refined style that will complement any bathroom but is also robust. Additionally, the tank is an elongated profile and the one-piece design makes it easy to clean.

The top-mounted push button has two effective options: 1.1 GPF for liquid or 1.6 to flush the entire area. 1.1 GPF meets WaterSense criteria which means that it saves over 20% of the water every flush. That’s impressive. Since the bowl’s size is 16.5 inches, this is in compliance with the ADA’s accessibility standards. If you’re taller or feel that lower bowls put a strain on your knees and back it’s a good alternative for you.

Additionally, the Glacier Bay one-piece toilet comes with a lifetime warranty, which means you’ll be able to rest assured that it won’t let anyone down. With the price at which it’s sold, the Glacier Bay 1 piece toilet is classified as the top

  • An expensive purchase for bathrooms that are small.
  • A sleek and elegant design gives a modern appearance.
  • High-performing dual flush mechanism (1.1 gpf/1.6 GPF).
  • A comfortable height, 16.5 inches.
  • The accessibility features are designed to be user-friendly for those with disabilities.
  • The smooth finish of vitreous china enhances its durability.
  • WaterSense certified
  • It’s not equipped with a sewer line.

Glacier Bay N2428R-DF-Best Toilet for Small Bathrooms

glacier bay models

Small, efficient, and powerful, this model has everything you require in the bathroom of a tiny size.

Glacier Bay N2428R-DF is a multi-functional model that includes a variety of essential characteristics of contemporary toilet design. You will not regret purchasing this model, regardless of its expensive cost.

The main benefit of this particular model lies in its ingenuous dual-flush technology. You can choose the half-flush option (1.1 GPF) for liquids and a full flush (1.6 GPF) option for waste. The dual system will ensure that your water usage per day does not exceed EPA standards.

The greatest thing is that regardless of the flow you select the flush is still able to empty the bowl. It also reduces the chance of blockages and clogs that are common. In addition, the non-sticky scratch-proof and extremely-durable china coating shields improve the durability of the product.

Apart from that it also has an extremely comfortable sitting area, which is at a comfortable height. It’s an enormous benefit to people who are older adults.

As with other Glacier Bay toilets, the fixture comes with an installation kit. It is a great kit to help you install the fixture yourself.

  • A gorgeous china vitreous glaze protects its design.
  • It is simple to squeeze into the bathroom of a tiny space.
  • Dual flush systems meet the WaterSense standards.
  • The comfort height makes it ideal for the elderly members of the family.
  • It comes with a simple installation procedure.
  • Costly purchase.

Glacier Bay N2442EB/N2442T―Best Flushing System

round bowl

Glacier Bay introduces homeowners to its Super Clean Bowl collection. Comparatively to conventional toilets that flush, these toilets flush waste with greater speed and with greater efficiency. The powerful jet flush creates sufficient pressure to flush away staining and leftovers.

In addition, the innovative design of the rim makes sure this pot will be simple to clean. The ceramic glaze that is antimicrobial and its scratch-resistant surface ensure it is longer-lasting and durable.

Other amenities include a comfort size of 17 inches and an extended bowl. The design of the chair allows it a toilet chair ideal for the elderly and large household members. This is because it provides them with the comfort of sitting in a relaxed position while they are relieved.

While single-flush technology may seem like a standard in the midst of dual-flush toilets, we like the fact that it uses just 1.28 GPF. We think anything greater than that is unacceptable for flushing with liquids.

  • A sufficient amount of water flowing at 1.28 GPF
  • The trapway is completely glazed and resists scratches.
  • Anti-bacterial vitreous china finishing.
  • The superior flushing system reduces the likelihood of obstructions and clogs.
  • An investment that is budget-friendly.
  • Dual-flush technology could increase the efficiency of water.

Special Features Of Glacier Bay Toilets

  • Glacier Bay Quick Connect
    This installation system allows it to be easy and quick to complete the installation of your toilet without the necessity for tools.
  • WaterSense and ADA Compliant
    WaterSense-certified toilets are compliant with the standards of the EPA’s standards for performance and efficiency, certified to use a minimum of 20 percent less water, use less energy, and work better than models that are not certified. ADA-compliant toilets are two inches higher than the regular model, making them easy to use for people who have disabilities.
  • Antimicrobial/SuperClean
    The anti-microbial glaze is put in to make sure you have an environment that is healthier and cleaner and a bathroom that appears better over time.
  • Concealed Trapway
    The traps in these toilets are concealed rather than the trap being molded you will get an uncluttered surface that does not just is modern looking but is also easier to keep clean.

DIY Installation Of Glacier Bay Toilets

If you’re unable to easily move around 80 pounds, then you need to get help installing your toilet since they are very heavy.

1. Place the plastic flange over the drain, and secure it to the floor. Then, slide anchor bolts into slots and then place the wax ring in the hole that you’ll see in the bottom of your toilet.

2. In the next step, you’ll need to raise your toilet straight before lowering and lifting to the anchor bolts. To make sure the wax ring is placed properly, lie down on your toilet, slowly shifting back and forward. Then, you can manually tighten the nuts on the anchor bolts, then give them a gentle push using an adjustable wrench to make sure they’re secured.

3. To get rid of the extra anchor bolts Tap it using your wrench before screwing it onto the cap on the bolt.

4. Lift the tank up, placing it over the bowl. Check that the bolt holes are aligned with the holes at the back of the bowl at the top. After being guided into the bowl the holes, tighten them by holding the bolt of the tank with a hex wrench and tightening the bolt using a screwdriver.

5. The shutoff valve should be placed over the compression ring, and then tighten the nut. Then, grab the shorter end of the supply line made of plastic connecting it to the valve that shuts off and the other side to the bottom of the tank. Hand-tighten each end.

6. The holes on the back of the seat to the holes that are on the bowl. Place the bowls into the holes by tightening them using your screwdriver, while holding the nut in your opposite hand.

7. Then, switch on the water on the main. Turn on the valve shutting off toilets and then fill the tank. Install the lid of the tank and flush the tank.

The whole process typically takes about one or two hours, but hiring a professional plumber to install it for you will make the process much simpler. The average cost is $125, however, it’s much more than just this.

A plumber will make sure that there is no water damage that could cost you thousands of dollars. They ensure your toilet has been installed and will also check the condition of any existing plumbing pipes or lines that require to be replaced or altered to accommodate the new toilet.

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