13 Types Of Urinals Reviews 2022

What are all types of urinals? Additionally, they are readily identifiable, urinals also are frequently used due to their size and size in public spaces. They aren’t a big use of space, so each wall in the bathroom could contain the bathroom urinal. Apart from the fact that a number of them are able to be placed in the space, their dimensions lets more men to be accommodated within a single bathroom, which results in lesser waiting times between users.

13 Types Of Urinals Reviews 2022

Urinals have a unique array of benefits when compared with traditional toilets. They take up less space than toilets, and cleaning and maintenance are easier and can help save you money by using less water. In reality, some toilets don’t even need to use water!

Naturally, a significant portion of people is not likely to use or have products for urination, regardless of the advantages they can bring. In bathrooms everywhere, the toilet will remain the preferred throne. There’s a good reason to help you save money and make cleaning the bathroom less of an issue.

Urinals are in use throughout the home, industries at work, and in public spaces everywhere else. We’ll explore in this post the various types of urinals that are available in the market. You’re in the right blog if you’re planning to purchase urinals for reasons of any kind and are uncertain about which one to purchase.

Urinals Types

We’ve created a comprehensive buying guide that covers all you should know when considering your options to help you better understand the urinals. If you’re looking to purchase urinals for a commercial business or planning to incorporate the bathroom into your renovation this guide will help you to understand your options to help you make informed choices.

Different Types of Urinals

Despite the apparent similarity of benefits of every model you’ve encountered throughout your life, not all urinals are created equal. There are numerous types of urinals. Each one is listed below, with its particular characteristics.

Main Types of Urinals

1. Trough Urinal

Trough Urinal

The reason behind the name for this specific kind of urinal is that it is reminiscent of the shape of a feeding trough. It’s a cost-effective option given that it provides space to accommodate up to eight people and just requires one connection to the plumbing. The downside of this kind of urinal is that it’s less private than a urinal that is individual.

This kind of urinal is typically constructed from stainless steel, although porcelain troughs do exist.

2. Bucket Urinal

Bucket Urinal

This kind of urinal is the most commonly used kind and the reason is that regardless of the shape or design the bucket urinals are flexible. The majority of bucket urinals available on the market are constructed from porcelain, however, they can also be constructed out of metal, plastic, and perhaps polished wood.

It’s worth noting that a few locations have taken it to the extreme, and even installed actual buckets to act as toilets. These buckets-turned-urinals have their own drains and their own spouts.

3. Against-The-Wall Urinal

Against-The-Wall Urinal

The urinal of this type has a drain that is situated in the vicinity of the foot or lower than the foot level. The users direct their water against the back surface and gravity directs the streams towards the floor, where the drain takes the water.

The type of urinal is available in a variety of variations. often, it is often referred to as a slab urinal, because of the huge porcelain pieces used to fit the urinal. Every single section is big and has the same drainage.

Some urinals with a wall on the marketplace can be visually appealing. Installing urinals in luxurious bathrooms is an absolutely good idea. Others are basic. They are made from porcelain.

Other Types of Urinals

1. Corner Urinal

Corner Urinal

Corner Urinals are urinals that have a flat back designed to be positioned in a corner, thus making them a space-saving choice.

2. Flat Back Urinal

Flat Back Urinal

The majority of bucket urinals today are thought of as flat-back toilets. This kind of urinal is intended to be fixed or screwed onto an unfinished bathroom wall.

3. Stall Urinal

Stall Urinal

A stall Urinal is a type of urinal supported by a flange or floor. There are two kinds of Stall Urinals available. They can be:

1.) Half Stall Urinal

2.) Full Stall Urinal

Half Stall Urinals are supported by the flange. Full Stall Urinals are anchored by the floor. You can see an entire stall urinal in the image below.

 Stall Urinal

A stall urinal can be described as a type of urinal that is either a floor or flange supported by the floor or flange. There are two types of stall urinals available in the marketplace, and they are the half-stall and the full-stall toilet. The one is supported by the flange while the latter will be supported by the floors.

4. Sensor Urinal

Sensor Urinal

This is a form of urinal you typically encounter in shopping centers as well as airports, and with the right reason. Since these areas are often used by those working in a hurry so it makes a lot of sense to put in something that will save people time.

Sensor urinals are identified by flashing or blinking sensors that detect the presence of humans. If the sensor is able to detect that the urinal isn’t being utilized, the urinal will flush completely.

Also, his is an automatic water-flushing urinal. When the sensor determines that it is no anymore being used, the urinal flushes itself.

5. Squatting Urinal

Squatting Urinal

A squatting toilet, as its name suggests is a urinal that’s which is so tiny it’s part of the floor that’s attached.

6. Waterless Urinal

Waterless Urinal

Also known as a water-free toilet, waterless urinals generally refer to urinals designed to assist facilities in saving water. They are available in four varieties.

One is the type of liquid sealant that utilizes cartridges with liquid sealants that trap urine and the smell it gives off. The liquid that’s trapped in this kind of urinal that is waterless is a particular gravity less than the urine. It stifles urine and eliminates odors by remaining on top of the water and creating an obstruction between the drain as well as the bowl that is the toilet.

Another type of urinal called a waterless urinal is one that has traps that are integrated. This kind of waterless urinal is slightly different from the one mentioned above.

Waterless Urinal

The third kind of urinal that is waterless is one that has membrane traps. They can be viewed as valves that operate in one direction. When they are used, they open only one way so that urine can flow through. It stops the smell emanating from drainage from returning to the bowl for urination.

The fourth kind of urinal is waterless that uses the use of biological blocks. They can be put inside a dome, or pans so that they “feed” on urine and block the smell. In contrast to other urinals that do not have water such as the ones above, this kind of one requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance, not to mention that each bio-block can last for around 200 uses, thereby being replaced regularly.

7. Handicap-specific urinal

Handicap-specific urinal

There isn’t much distinction between handicapped urinals and other urinals. What you choose to use for your urinal, is, that there will be assistance available near the toilets. Below is a picture that illustrates the entire bathroom stall with steel support that is specifically designed for handicapped persons.

8. Trough Urinals

Trough Urinals

Urinals of this type are often located in public areas. Due to its large size, it is constructed with stainless steel and not ceramic materials. The privateness of the urinals is low. The photo of a trough-style Urinal is below.

9. Portable Urinal

Portable Urinal

As the name suggests, it’s a kind of urinal that can be carried to any location it is needed. These are usually used in travel but may be utilized at home if you are sick. Urinals that are portable for men appear different than portable urinals designed for women.

Urinals for women have become increasingly fashionable in recent times. Although at first, they weren’t regarded as a necessity and many thought they were an odd gift but they’ve now become a useful device for women who travel on camping trips and hiking. They are also useful at events or concerts where portable toilets might not be the cleanest option. The urinal lets women use the toilet standing up instead of needing to sit on a toilet seat in a public restroom.

10. Child Urinal

Child Urinal

Child urinals are no different from normal urinals. However, these urinals are made to make it easier for children to urinate in specially designed urinals, which have an adorable and vibrant designs. In the design of the urinal, there will be a rotating windmill that is located in the middle of the urinal, similar to the design illustrated in the below image.

Kid urinals are categorized based on the raw materials used in the production of urinals we can categorize them into four kinds. There are four types of urinals in accordance with the materials that are used.

  • Ceramic Urinals
  • Stainless Urinals
  • Urinals with polished wood craved
  • Polypropylene Urinals

The majority of urinals that you will see are made from ceramic material mainly due to the characteristics of ceramic. These days, Wood Carved Polished urinals and Polypropylene urinals have not been made due to the low demand.

Child Urinal

Urinals made of stainless are typically used for portable urinals. The primary reason ceramic toilets are preferred is their longevity and affordability. We are able to categorize also based on how urinals mount. Two kinds of mounting urinals are offered. They are

  • Floor Mount Urinals
  • Wall Mount Urinals

By the name alone, it is easy to identify two types of urinals. Urinals that are fixed and supported on the floor are referred to as floors mount urinals. Urinals that are mounted on the wall are referred to as wall-mount toilets.



No matter if you buy the urinals for a business or an overhaul bathroom at home, you’ll be required to take into consideration several of the same aspects when you narrow your choices and take a look at your options. Here are some of the factors you need to consider while purchasing:

  • It is highly recommended to look at the space available before beginning to look at the options. You don’t want to waste the time looking at urinals that do not work with your space. Better yet, you can purchase one that’s right, only to realize it’s not the right fit.
  • Enhancing the efficacy of your urine usually will increase the cost of your first urinal however they can also save money in the long run. Some features, such as automatic flushing, could increase the cost of urination.
  • You can offer handles or flushing urinals with sensors to those who prefer a healthy alternative to. They can ensure that your urinals stay clean, so your cleaning staff can easily flush them and provide your customers with peace of mind as they are not forced to worry about germs when they push a lever to flush.
  • Urinals can be found in a wide variety of styles and shapes from AGL Bathware. If you are looking for something that looks appealing then you’ll have plenty of options here.
  • Of course, you’ll be required to clean the urinal that you purchase. This is probably one of the biggest problems with the toilet. Check out the cleanliness of the urinal.


There are a variety of urinals are offered to fill the various needs. Also, a lot of the urinals are specifically designed to be used by males. Have you noticed that we’ve discussed more than 13 varieties of Urinals? All the urinals you can find on the marketplaces.

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Types Of Urinals FAQs

What are male urinals called?

Urinary, also known as a bladder or male urinal, is a urinal bottle used to urinate. It is used most often in medical care for those who have difficulty or hard to get up at the night. Urinary catheters enable patients who are able to think and move in their hands to go to the bathroom without the assistance of the personnel.

Are all urinals the same?

Water efficiency is among the main reasons you should think about purchasing a urinal in the first place in the first place. But, not all urinals are created equal there’s a significant difference in the amount of water each model requires.

What is a trough urinal?

A narrow, long toilet designed to be used by several males simultaneously. It is equipped with a drinking water supply as well as a drain to flush away urine.

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